Jason Momoa Dishes on His Secret Wedding to Lisa Bonet: 'Some A**hole Leaked It' (Exclusive)

After more than a decade together, the actors tied the knot during in a secret ceremony focused on 'celebrating our love.'

The cat’s out of the bag and Jason Momoa is set on finding the leak!

After news broke on Thursday that the actor had tied the knot with actress Lisa Bonet in early October, Momoa told ET's Carly Steel that he had hoped the news would remain on the down low.

“I thought it would have stayed that way, but some a**hole leaked it and I will find you,” he said at a press junket for his new film, Justice League, over the weekend.

“You know what, I've been married to my wife for 12 years,” Momoa, 38, continued about the special day. “It’s just a gathering of our families and celebrating our love.”

Although it was widely believed that the couple had wed in 2007, they in fact made things official in an intimate ceremony at their home in Topanga, California, last month, Us Weekly was first to report. The nuptials reportedly featured a traditional Maori haka and were attended by celeb pals including Michael Fassbender.

“I swear it wasn’t me,” piped in co-star Ezra Miller as Momoa discussed news of his big day getting out.

With Justice League  hitting theaters on Nov. 17, Momoa also gushed about having Australian actress Nicole Kidman play his mother in the film.

“I love working with Oscar winners,” Momoa said. “It was amazing. There are not enough amazing things I could say about her. She was beautiful and it was a just an honor for her to play my mom.”

What's more, Momoa said he also had his own tub in his trailer for the shoot! “Hey, I’m Aquaman,” he explained.

But it wasn’t completely glamorous on the set of the movie, directed by James Wan.

“My first experience was day one shooting in a big studio and they just doused me in water and it was freezing,” Momoa recalled. “And basically up in a harness and just seeing everyone ... [I thought,] ‘I got to make it through nine months.' It was so cold!”

See Momoa talk more about playing Aquaman in the video below.