Jason Mraz Calls His New Album a 'Love Letter' to His Wife (Exclusive)

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Jason Mraz is grateful for the many blessings he's had over the course of his career.

The 41-year-old "I'm Yours" singer is back on the music scene with a new album, Know, set to be released on Aug. 10. Mraz invited ET exclusively to the epicenter of his world, his M-Ranch, an avocado farm just outside of San Diego and the creative compound where all his music is made.

"I moved out here in 2004 because I wanted to live out in the country," the GRAMMY winner told ET's Keltie Knight. "I wanted to live outside of town where my whole band could move in, and we did! We all moved in and we recorded Mr. A-Z up in the living room… It's all been here. I did a lot of We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. in this room. I cried through 'I Won't Give Up' at my kitchen table writing that song."

As for his sixth studio album, which comes four years after Yes!, the record also has its ties to the M-Ranch. During ET's day on the farm, Mraz performed an intimate concert that will be included in the accompanying film, Jason Mraz – Have It All The Movie, which will screen in theaters nationwide for a special one-night event on Aug. 7.

"It's a movie about one song, but also how that one song reflects almost every song of my career," Mraz detailed. "And also how that one song's music video was made through a collaborative experience with two nonprofits in Richmond, Virginia, which is my hometown. It's honestly less about me and more about shining a light on tomorrow's artists."

As an additional perk, fans who purchase tickets via FathomEvents.com will also receive a digital copy of the singer's new album.

"Nowadays, everything is almost free and put up on the internet really fast," Mraz explained. "And I love the idea of inviting people, families especially, to come to the movies, put your phone down and watch this inspiring story."

"Have It All," the song that inspired the documentary, is the lead single off of Know -- an album he calls a collection of love letters dedicated to a very special person in his life.

"My last album was called Yes!, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to call this album 'No.' But we're looking at the brighter side of things, so it's 'Know,' k-n-o-w as in knowledge is power," the singer emphasized. "And this is really an album of love letters. Love letters that I wrote mostly to my wife, but also to myself to constantly remind myself that love is still the answer."

His wife, Christina Carano, whom he married in 2015, is a big part of this record, specifically in the music video for his second single, "Might As Well Dance." The visual features footage from the couple's wedding day, also held at the couple's farm.

"I just asked her permission. I said, 'Babe, this is so cute. Can I try [using it], are you okay with it?'" Mraz dished. "And she's a real star in that video. But I didn't know when we were shooting the wedding that it would ever be seen by more than our friends and family."

So after an almost 20-year career, six albums, two GRAMMY Awards, 12 million singles sold and a loyal and devoted fan base, does Mr. A to Z have it all?

"I do. Absolutely," he marveled. "I get overwhelmed with how much luck I've had, how much success I've had, how much love I've been shown by fans and friends. Even when I started my career and had nothing, friends who were here tonight would drive me to gigs. They would take me to dinner. They would keep me supported, and that overwhelms me with gratitude."

"So I've tried to make a career, certainly now where I'm standing, one that I can repay them," he expressed, adding, "and uplift tomorrow's artists to give them the experience of having it all."

Know arrives everywhere on Friday, Aug. 10.


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