Jason Sudeikis Follows Up Golden Globes Hoodie With New Sweater at 2021 SAG Awards

The 'Ted Lasso' star won big yet again and rocked an even more memorable ensemble.

Jason Sudeikis is keeping his look fresh as he racks up the awards. The Ted Lasso star took home a SAG Award on Sunday, and rocked a new sweater that really grabbed people's attention.

The Saturday Night Live alum has made headlines for his awards season wardrobe -- first rocking a tie-dye hoodie at the Golden Globes -- but he switched things up for a different, more meaningful fashion statement on Sunday.

As he accepted the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Ted Lasso, Sudeikis rocked a dark sweater with large white letters that read, "My Body My Choice."

The new sweater and its sentiment drew a lot of attention from fans watching at home and commenting online.

Sudeikis also poked fun at his own Golden Globes hoodie in the SAG Award's Ted Lesso-based opening sketch, in which he portrayed his award-winning character.

The sketch took place in the team locker room, where one of the players shows up, rocking Sudeikis' now-famous tie-dye look.

Meanwhile, Sudeikis' acceptance speech also earned him a lot of love as he showed a humble side and expressed a lot of gratitude for those who helped him in his life.

"Thank you to all of my fellow actors, male and female," he shared, after being named the winner. "That means a lot to me — it really, really does. It's very, very flattering, very humbling."

He also thanks his parents, for fostering his life of the arts and performing, with his mother "bringing me to plays and musicals... every time they came through," and his dad bringing him to the movies as a kid.

Check out the video below to hear more from Sudeikis after his last big awards show victory.

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