Jason Sudeikis on 'Ted Lasso' Season 3 and the Possibility of Season 4 (Exclusive)

The next season of the Emmy-winning comedy might be all that we get!

Does Ted Lasso's awards success mean more seasons might be in its future?

The fan-favorite Apple TV+ comedy had a huge night at the 2021 Emmys, winning seven awards including Outstanding Comedy Series and acting trophies for stars Jason SudeikisBrett Goldstein and Hannah Waddingham. Sudeikis recently spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner, and shared how much fun the cast had celebrating their big night.

"One of the nice things about having a bunch of folks from another country on your show is that when they come to town, the boss has got to pay for them to have a nice swanky hotel to stay in," he said of the cast's celebratory night. "So we crashed that hotel and had a little get-together out by the pool there... I don’t know how it would have felt if we wouldn’t have been as lucky, but we were, so it felt good."

"I believe that Phil ended up in the pool, Phil Dunster," he added of the actor who plays star striker Jamie Tartt. "I think he ended up in the pool by his own choosing."

Following the awards success, and the recent conclusion of the show's stellar second season, fans are already looking ahead to what's next. Sudeikis confirmed to ET that the writers' room for Ted Lasso season 3 is in full swing, with production scheduled to begin in 2022. However, he kept mum when it comes to any future seasons.

"I feel like a real coach when I have to tell folks you can’t look at season 4 when we're in the middle of season 3," he explained. "We can’t worry about the championships when we're in the first round of playoffs, you know?"

"We got to take it one game at a time," he continued, noting that there are "many factors" that would contribute to continuing Ted Lasso past season 3, long rumored to be the show's planned conclusion. "As cliche as that may sound, there’s actually truth. It’s hard to think about what to do in the distant future when you're trying to deal with what’s right in front of you."

However, the star and executive producer of the acclaimed soccer comedy jokingly signed off on the idea of some possible spinoffs, noting that co-stars and pals Waddingham and Juno Temple might make a great "crime-fighting duo."

"I think that’s one of the neatest things about the show, at least for me," he shared. "To watch over and over these performances by these amazing actors, this great cast. I really enjoy watching every single one of them and it’s so fun on the writing side just to pair up anybody."

"Literally, take any two of them and kind of like [mix them up], it’s fun to think about," he added. "So, I mean, I would love for the first show to have six different spinoffs."

However, before production can begin on the new season of Ted Lasso -- or any follow-ups that may come along -- Sudeikis is headed back to his old stomping ground, hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend for the first time since he departed the long-running sketch show in 2013.

"I’m looking forward to even just the Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the writing and the read through, you know?" Sudeikis said of returning to SNL. "Because it feels like being shot out of a rocket ship and people are like, 'It’s already done?' So I’m going to savor the parts of the week that I enjoyed from working there."

Seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso are streaming now on Apple TV+. See more from Sudeikis in the video below.