Javicia Leslie Dons the 'Batwoman' Suit in Behind-the-Scenes First Look

Javicia Leslie
Leon Bennett/WireImage

Gotham, meet your new Scarlet Knight.

Joining The CW's Batwoman in season 2, Javicia Leslie is set to inherit the mantle from Ruby Rose and on Friday, shared a first look at herself donning her Batsuit on set. "Look out, Gotham, I'm suited up and ready to go..." she captioned the BTS shot.

The photo is of Leslie donning Rose's iteration of the bewigged cowl from season 1, but teased that her character will eventually change up the look: "Just wait until Ryan Wilder puts her own spin on the Batsuit."

Rose's Kate Kane was the titular superhero of season 1, though the actress unexpectedly exited the series in May. Leslie's casting was announced in July, with the show's creators revealing she would play a new character, Ryan Wilder, taking on the mantle upon Kate's disappearance from Gotham.

Of her iteration of the Batsuit, Leslie teased, "Caroline [Dries, showrunner] and I were talking about how important it is that, if we're going to have a Black Batwoman, that she needs to become a 'sistah' when she becomes Batwoman. It's important for her to feel the silhouette, for her to [have] more of a natural textured hair and things like that."

Said to be the opposite of Kate Kane, Ryan Wilder also marks the first time Batwoman has been Black -- and Leslie has said she couldn't be prouder to make history.

"I wanted to be a Black superhero. You don't get to see that that often. And then a month later, I become the first Black Batwoman, so I think that that's [fate]," she said during DC FanDome. "It feels really powerful. With everything that's going on right now, this is what we need. We need to see representation."

Batwoman season 2 is currently filming and premieres in 2021 on The CW.


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