Jax Taylor Denies Lance Bass' Claim That They Are No Longer Business Partners

Jax Taylor and Lance Bass
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Chevrolet Volt

He also refuted Bass' claim that he made an offensive comment about Jewish people's noses.

Jax Taylor is responding to his business partner, Lance Bass', claims from his show, The Daily Popcast. On Monday's episode, Bass, 41, didn't hold back when talking about the 40-year-old Vanderpump Rules star. 

Citing social media comments by Taylor that he called "racist," Bass went on to predict that the reality star did not have much longer on his Bravo show. 

"He will lose out. I do not see Bravo keeping him. I have a feeling soon it's going to be done. It's gonna be bigger and bigger," Bass said. 

The former *NSYNC member went on to claim, "He's stepping down from Just Add X, which you have to. We can't be involved and associated with any of this going down. We have to do the right thing."

Bass also claimed that he had a discussion with Taylor about his offensive comments about the size of a black man's nose on social media. 

"I actually had a conversation with him about this yesterday and I feel like I'm the only person that he actually heard it from. He was like, 'I don't understand, this big nose thing,'" Bass said of Taylor. "He goes, 'Jewish people have big noses.' Well, yeah, you can't make fun of Jewish people or black people for their nose."

Taylor's rep tells ET that Bass completely fabricated Taylor's supposed comments about Jewish people having big noses and that they did not discuss the issue on the call.

"Those words never came from Jax," the rep tells ET. 

In terms of Taylor's affiliation with Just Add X, a mixer company, Taylor's rep also notes that his alleged firing is news to the reality star. 

"Last week, the Just Add X website had been hacked, showcasing some hateful slurs, which Jax felt horrible about. In an emotional state, Jax had texted Lance and the Just Add X team offering to step down from the company if that was the direction they wanted to take," Taylor's rep says. "The team immediately followed up with a phone call with Lance and the team reassured and fully supported him."

The statement continues, "It was decided that Jax would continue to stay on the team and that they all had his back given these unpredictable times. The statements from Lance on the podcast [Monday] are not only untrue but also extremely confusing and shocking to say the least. Jax is still very much a partner and founder of Just Add X and supports the team and the brand whole-heartedly. This has been a tough time for everyone involved, especially with the critical state of [his wife] Brittany's mother in the ICU, their focus has been on that."

Bass isn't the only one calling for Taylor to be fired. Faith Stowers, a former Vanderpump Rules star, called out Taylor's behavior when she spoke with ET earlier this month, saying Taylor "probably had more terrible things to say than [Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute]."

"He's said very, very mean things to new cast members. He did not receive me and Lala Kent very well when we first started," Stowers claimed. "He said very mean things to us as well, later on apologizing. But it seems like he continues to get away with everything he does and I'm not sure why, especially at his age. It's not like he's doing this as a young adult, as a kid and just making these little mistakes young people sometimes do."

Stowers added that she felt Lisa Vanderpump "really needs to reprimand him off the show as well."

Schroeder, Doute, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni have already been fired from the Bravo show due to their racist actions and comments. For more, watch the clip below: