Jax Taylor Quits His SUR Bartending Job in ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season Finale

Jax Taylor
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Who will make the cocktails now?

Sweet Giggy, say it ain’t so!

Jax Taylor shocked fans on Monday night’s Vanderpump Rules season finale, and it wasn't because of his behavior towards Brittany – we all saw that coming – but rather when he quit his bartending job at SUR.

That’s right, Jax is stepping out from behind the bar and is moving on. It all happened when Lisa Vanderpump called Jax out for causing a scene in her restaurant. “F**k you all,” he yelled to her and the customers.

Vanderpump sat him down for an intense conversation in which Jax said he’d understand if she wanted to fire him.

“I’m not going to give you that satisfaction, because I know what you’ll do with that,” she told him. “You’ll go over there and you’ll be like, ‘I’m fired. I’m the f**king victim again.’ I’m asking you, 'Why don’t you do the decent thing? Why don’t you hand me your f**king resignation and do what you should’ve done a long time ago?'”

Can we get one slow clap for Vanderpump at table five, please?

Finally, after seven years, Jax agreed to leave SUR forever… or did he? The episode ended with Jax considering a move to Florida, but on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, he shut down that notion.

“That Florida  job, yeah, that was 100 percent real. The only thing that stopped me from doing it was the timing,” he explained. “I just lost my father. The main reason [I was going to Florida] was to be closer to my father and once he passed away I just didn’t want anything to do with Florida.”

Jax didn’t directly address his exit from SUR on WWHL, but perhaps it will come up in the show’s reunion. For more from Vanderpump Rules, watch the clip below!