JAY-Z Gets Candid About His Feud With 'Brother' Kanye West

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The 48-year-old rapper sat down with David Letterman to discuss his past troubles with Yeezy.

JAY-Z gets candid about his friendship with Kanye West.

The 48-year-old rapper made an appearance on Netflix's My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman on Friday, where he opened up about their rocky past.

“Let me talk about one of your peers, Kanye West. Are we friends or are we not friends?” Letterman asked JAY-Z.

"That's my brother, we’re beyond friends,” the "99 Problems" rapper responded. “Really, my little brother is Kanye. And like, [with] your little brother, things happen sometimes," adding that they’ll always be close.

"It’s still your sibling forever, it’s my brother. We don’t come from the same mom and dad but I watched Kanye from without an album,” he explained. “The thing I respect about him is that he’s the same person. He interrupted our studio session and stood on the table and started rapping, and we were like, ‘Could you please get down?’ And he was like, ‘No! I am the savior of Chicago!’ He didn’t have a record."

JAY-Z and West's rocky relationship began in 2016 when Yeezy publicly slammed JAY-Z and Beyonce during his show. He then reportedly left Tidal in 2017 over a money dispute.

This isn't the first time JAY-Z has talked about his friendship with the "Jesus Walks" rapper. In an interview with New York Times published last year, he explained that they have a "complicated relationship" and there was still some tension between them.

"In the long relationship, you know, hopefully when we're 89 we look at this six months or whatever time and we laugh at that," he stressed at the time. "There's gonna be complications in the relationship that we have to get through. And the only way to get through that is we sit down and have a dialogue and say, 'These are the things that I'm uncomfortable with. These are the things that are unacceptable to me. This is what I feel.' I'm sure he feels that I've done things to him as well. I'm not a perfect human being by no stretch."

Additionally, during his interview with Letterman, JAY-Z also touched on his infidelity with his wife. Watch below to hear what he shared.