Jazz Jennings Reflects on 100-Pound Weight Gain in 'I Am Jazz' Season 7 Trailer

Season 7 of the series will premiere Nov. 30 on TLC.

Jazz Jennings is opening up about her weight gain. In the new trailer for season 7 of TLC's I Am Jazz, the 21-year-old TV personality reveals she's gained nearly 100 pounds in two years.

"Two years ago, I was on my way to one of the greatest institutions in the world, but I was actually struggling severely with mental health issues," she says, alluding to her acceptance to Harvard. "I started binge eating and I gained weight, and more weight, and more weight."

"Now, almost 100 pounds heavier, here I am today," Jennings adds. "Having all this extra weight, I can't do so many things with my body that I used to be able to do."

At one point in the trailer, Jennings describes her typical breakfast as "fast food, maybe a doughnut or two, and then two bagels," as her family reveals that she sometimes will "fall off the wagon."

"I do experience fat shaming from my family," Jennings says. "It makes me feel really humiliated."

As her family struggles with Jennings' weight gain and oversleeping, they question whether or not she'll be able to go away to school because they insist she's "all talk" about wanting to improve.

"It's now or never at this point," Jennings says.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Sander explores dating trans women, including RuPaul's Drag Race alum Peppermint.

Jennings opened up about her weight gain over the summer, sharing side-by-side pics of herself. 

"I’m ready to change my ways; I’ve been saying I’m ready to turn over a new leaf, but I’m running out of trees now. I’m ready to take the initiative and create positive changes when it comes to my health and body," she wrote at the time. "I have a fabulous team supporting me, both professionals and family/friends, but at the end of the day, I have to be the one committed toward bettering myself. I know I have the power in me to lose the weight, and I intend on sharing my progress with all of you."

In a June interview with Variety, Jennings teased what fans can expect from season 7 of her reality series.

"I am so excited to share the rest of my adventure, my journey of life with you all," she said. "And hopefully I can continue making an educational experience my sharing by story."

Season 7 of I Am Jazz will premiere Nov. 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.