Jelly Roll Admits He's Nervous to Sing in Front of Chris Stapleton at the 2023 ACM Awards (Exclusive)

The genre-defying artist has been rocketing to stardom, but he's still a little intimidated by some of his country music idols.

Jelly Roll is gearing up to take the stage at the 58th annual ACM Awards, and the celebrated, genre-defying, award-winning singer-songwriter is still feeling the jitters.

The "Need a Favor" artist walked the carpet at this year's star-studded show on Thursday, at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas, and he spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about his excitement and his trepidation.

"This is where I belong, y'all, right here. I am with my kind... I'm just f**king fired up, man!" Jelly Roll exclaimed with a broad smile. "I feel like I've never been to one [of these shows]. This is my third one, and still, like, man, the jitters don't get old."

"I'm singing on a big national platform again," he added. "I take all that real serious, you know what I'm saying? It's a big deal."

While he's looking forward to performing during the show, he's also got some anxiety about performing right in front of some of his peers -- specifically, celebrated musician Chris Stapleton.

"It's gonna be hard! Stapleton's sitting right in front of me. No matter how good I sing, I'm gonna think I suck," he said with a laugh. "I can't look at Stapleton while I'm singing, absolutely not. I'm petrified."

That being said, Jelly Roll knows exactly what kind of vibe he's hoping to create with his performance tonight, and teased it for fans eagerly awaiting his set.

"I feel like I'm gonna take the world to a real intimate meeting," he shared. "I feel like sometimes you take the show to the people and sometimes you bring the people to the show, and tonight I wanna feel like we're all sitting around a campfire and having a conversation."

The 58th annual ACM Awards are set to stream live on Prime Video and Amazon Music's channel, Twitch, on Thursday, May 11 at 8 p.m. ET.