Jelly Roll Releases Powerful New Single 'I Am Not Okay'

Jelly Roll gets personal on the track as he sings about overcoming his struggle with not being 'okay.'

Jelly Roll is back with an inspiring new single!

On Wednesday, the country crooner, 39, dropped an emotional new track, "I Am Not Okay," and it's bringing all of the feels. The ballad begins with the singer (whose real name is Jason Bradley DeFord) softly singing over a guitar. 

"I am not okay / I'm barely gettin' by / I'm losin' track of days / And losin' sleep at night / I am not okay / I’m hangin' on the rails / So if I say I'm fine / Just know I've learned to hide it well," he sings.

As a soft orchestra joins the track, Jelly Roll continues to sing about how he knows that he's not the only one feeling this way and lets people know that there is hope at the end of the road.

Jelly Roll released his latest single 'I'm Not Okay.' - Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"I know I can't be the only one / Who's holdin' on for dear life / But God knows, I know / When it's all said and done / I'm not okay / But it's all gonna be all right," he continues.

He also mentions that he has days where he feels good, and other days, when he doesn't feel like getting out of bed. But in the end, he knows it's going to be alright. 

Ahead of the single's release, the musician teased the song, which is the first off of his forthcoming eighth album. 

"I heard ya'll were wanting new music," the singer wrote over a TikTok video of him in the studio recording the song. 

In the comments, his wife, Bunnie XO, spoke for the fans. 

"Yes. Yes we do," the Dumb Blonde podcast host, 44, wrote. 

In another video from the studio, Jelly Roll captioned the clip, "#newmusic #mentalhealthmatters." 

ET spoke to Jelly Roll at CMA Fest last weekend, and he teased his latest music era, which will follow the success of his last album, 2023's Whitsitt Chapel.

"This has been my whole life the last 11 months," he teased to ET. "I have been drowning in this album. I've never wrote more songs. I've never took it more serious and I'm probably gonna release more music this year than I've ever released in a year of my career."

Jelly Roll has been riding high on the wave of success in the last year. Last week, the "Save Me" singer took the stage performing alongside Eminem at the Live From Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central

While speaking to ET, Jelly Roll talked about what he called the "coolest" moment of his career.

"When I think about coolest moments of my career, right now at the top, there has to be this thing that I got to go sing with Eminem in Detroit," he said. "I got to sing 'Sing for the Moment' with him, which is a record where he sampled Steven Tyler. I mean, just what an incredible night and I got to go do it in Detroit. It was unreal."