Kane Brown Teases 'Powerful' New Song With Jelly Roll (Exclusive)

Kane Brown, Jelly Roll
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Country singer Kane Brown opens up to ET about an exciting upcoming collaboration with Jelly Roll.

Kane Brown is excited for fans to hear his new music, and feels "blessed" for getting the chance to collaborate with some amazing artists.

ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Brown on Tuesday at his No. 1 Party hosted by BMI -- celebrating his 11th No. 1 hit, "I Can Feel It," the lead single off his upcoming new album -- and the singer teased one particular team-up he's especially excited about.

"I have a song with Jelly Roll, so that's really cool," Brown shared. "It's talking about, like, depression and, you know, you could have everything in the world but as long as you don't talk to someone about it, you're still gonna go through those things."

"It's a very powerful song and I'm blessed to have Jelly on it," Brown added, "because he goes through the same thing."

Kane Brown at the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards from Ford Center at The Star on May 16, 2024 in Frisco, Texas. - Gilbert Flores/Penske Media via Getty Images

For Brown, being outspoken about mental health and emotional struggles is important for public figures, as it gives their fans a sense that they aren't alone.

"Yeah, nobody's perfect. I feel like a lot of people that are superstars, everybody looks at them like they're perfect, but everybody goes through something," Brown shared.

Brown is currently on his In the Air Tour, which kicked off in March, and he's basking in the glow of success as "I Can Feel It" has been met with a lot of love and support from fans.

The song borrows and is inspired by Phil Collins' iconic tune, "In the Air Tonight" -- with Brown giving Collins a songwriting credit -- and Brown praised the English music legend for giving the track his blessing.

"It's cool. I mean, 'cause it's such an iconic song. Not every artist who has iconic songs are gonna let you do it," Brown said. "So for him to let me do that, it means he likes me, he likes my character. Whatever it is, I appreciate you."

Meanwhile, between touring and making music, Brown is also gearing up to expand his family with wife Katelyn. The pair are expecting their third child together, a son, who will join their daughters -- Kingsley, 4, and Kodi, 2.

"The girls are just pumped," Brown said of his daughters when it comes to welcoming a baby brother. "They're ready! Kingsley's already, I mean, she's so mature for a 4-year-old. I'm nervous [about] Kodi 'cause she's kind of rough. She's very sweet, but she plays rough. So I'm nervous for him."

Kane Brown and wife Katelyn Jae Brown attend the 58th Academy Of Country Music Awards at The Ford Center in 2023. - Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"The nursery's already done, so we get to walk past it every morning, just with no baby in there yet," Brown added with a laugh.

When it comes to their son's name, Brown said, "We haven't announced it yet, but yeah we have it." He did, however, seem to confirm that the name will start with a K, to keep the tradition going. 

"[We're] all excited," Brown added with a smile.

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