Kane Brown Recalls His Awkward Vasectomy After Wife Katelyn's Third Pregnancy

Kane and Katelyn are already parents to two daughters -- Kingsley Rose, 4, and Kodi Jane, 1.

Kane Brown couldn't believe it. He was lying on the table -- "spread eagle," as he recalled -- getting his vasectomy done when he heard the conversation being had by the doctor and nurse performing the procedure.

The country star appeared on The Bobby Bones Show on Wednesday and shared the hilarious story of how his snip, snip went down, after his wife, Katelyn, revealed the big surprise that she's expecting the couple's third child and their first son.

After learning about the surprise pregnancy, Kane says Katelyn told him it was time to get a vasectomy. The conversation had been had for a while, and each time she brought it up, he said his stomach would turn and he'd get sick. But finally he went through with the procedure.

It didn't hurt, but he did laugh. A lot.

"They gave me gas, but I'm laying on my back and I have a nurse over me and a doctor and they're just talking about their day," Kane recalled. "I'm not out of it at all, just sky high. And they're just having their conversation about their day. And you're just on the table, spread eagle. It was wild. And then he said a joke about a guy coming in with three [testicles] and I was like, 'You can't tell me this while I'm high right now.' I was like, 'Are you serious?' and he said, 'Oh, yeah.'"

The couple shared last month that they're having a baby boy. Kane and Katelyn, who tied the knot in October 2018, are parents to daughters Kingsley Rose, 4, and Kodi Jane, 1. 

Kane shared that they weren't trying for a third baby, calling their future baby boy "God's plan." And how he found out about the pregnancy was also a crazy story. He was hopping on a private jet on his way to go play some golf. After boarding the plane, Kane says he got a call from Katelyn who told him, "I think I'm pregnant." Just then, the call dropped.

The entire way to his destination, Kane said he hoped she wasn't pregnant. But Katelyn confirmed the news after he landed.

"But then we found out it was a boy and it was God's plan," Kane said. "We weren't trying this time. My game, if you know what I'm talking about, is strong. Turns out it was a boy."

On his birthday back in October, Kane was also hopping on a private jet on his way to Michael Jordan's house to play some golf. That day, he also got a call about his house catching fire. After he landed he got back on the phone, happy to learn that his house was OK and it was just a false alarm.

The lesson here?

"I'm never flying private again," he joked.