Jenna Dewan's Netflix Series 'Soundtrack' Canceled After One Season

Parrish Lewis/Netflix

Jenna Dewan’s time at Netflix has been cut short. Soundtrack, the scripted musical drama series created by Joshua Safran, was canceled after one season, ET has learned. 

On the 10-episode series, Dewan played Joanna Kassem, a former struggling dancer-turned-social worker. Like many characters on the show, she also pondered the challenges of finding love in the modern day. The short-lived series was largely inspired by Pennies From Heaven, a BBC miniseries in 1978 that was later adapted into a movie starring Steve Martin and Christopher Walken in 1981, with a dash of Magnolia.

“That show and the film was about people in the Depression who were down in their luck in their lives, who would fantasize in big production numbers to Depression-era pop songs. I wanted to update that and see how it played for today,” Safran told ET of Pennies From Heaven. A New York native, Safran found himself transplanted in the City of Angels for “a brief period,” where he observed that “L.A. people were potted off into separate areas and didn't get to mix like you do in New York.”

“I was interested in how, if you meet somebody in Los Angeles from outside your circle, it's like fate in a way,” he said.

Following the cancelation, Safran took to Twitter to express his disappointment in Netflix’s decision to let the series go. “I personally feel like it never came out,” he wrote, complaining that the series was not properly promoted.  “While Soundtrack may only have lasted one season, it begins and ends, it closes its loop,” he continued, adding: “And I hope you get to see it someday.” 

Dewan, meanwhile, is busy working on the upcoming Fox reality series Flirty Dancing, which follows a group of complete strangers who will each individually be taught half of a dance routine. Then they'll meet for the first time on a blind date where they will dance together without exchanging a word.

ET recently caught up with Dewan, who teased what fans can expect from the series and what makes her show stand out from all the rest. “It's absolutely amazing! It's such a fun and fresh show that I'm filming and I'm having the best time doing it,” she raved to ET's Lauren Zima. “I watched the U.K. version and fell in love. I was literally crying in the first episode I saw.”

In addition to her professional projects, Dewan is also expecting her second child this year. Watch the clip below for more:


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