Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez Meet With Migrant Families on the US-Mexico Border

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez
Steve Granitz/WireImage; Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The actress shared a video of their visit and her takeaways from the experience to Instagram.

Jennifer Garner is sharing her experience of a visit to a migrant shelter on the border. The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of the trip, where she was joined by friend and Yes Day co-star Édgar Ramírez, and detailed what she learned.

"Last week my wonderful friend @edgarramirez25 and I visited Casa Alitas, a shelter for migrant families, and one of @savethechildren’s 35 partners along the Southern border of the US," Garner wrote in the caption, alongside the clip.

In the video, Garner and Ramírez are seen holding trays of fruit in cups and snacks, and Garner explains, "Edgar and I are serving fruit to the families that have just arrived at the shelter."

In the video, Garner plays with some of the children and learns their stories, and sits with Ramírez as they read to the children. She also gives a tour of the facility and what they are providing for the migrant families.

In her post, she shares several takeaways from their day at the shelter.

"1. Edgar says it best: No one wants to leave home. Children and families are arriving to the US—Mexico border, having fled unimaginable violence and disasters in their home countries," Garner wrote. "2. Climate migration is not a problem of the future, it is happening now. Save the Children warns of multiple countries expected to descend from drought into famine next year."

"3. We met with Border Patrol officers and humanitarian aid workers—they are working on different sides of the same problem. It is important to note—they have the same message: we need immigration reform," Garner continued. "The last legislation on immigration was passed under George W. Bush. Swinging from one set of Presidential orders to the next is expensive and destabilizing."

Garner also stressed that one thing that she consistently saw was that, overall, "People are good."

"Along with the incredible people who welcome weary travelers to Casa Alitas, we met organizations offering legal services, doctors volunteering medical care, and we spent time with the Green Valley-Sahuarita Samaritans, who took Edgar and me to crosses marking bodies found along the migrant’s desert path," Garner wrote.

In the video, the actress observes two different crosses serving as memorials to migrants who had died in their long journey.

"In this case a young man who had died of dehydration and, not far away, a cross honoring the recovered body of a stillborn baby," Garner explained. "The Samaritans’ ceremony ends with ‘Presente’, acknowledging the traveler’s spirit, and our connection to them."

Garner concluded, "This is a thorny, politicized issue, but with babies and children at the center—it is on us to keep working together toward solutions."

Many shared their support and appreciation for the actress and philanthropist's post and her efforts, including Eva Longoria, who wrote under the post, "Thank you for going Jen! We need voices like you! 👏"

For more on Garner's work with Save The Children, see the video below. Find more information on the organization here.