Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo Recreate Classic '13 Going on 30' Scene

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Fans can't get enough of Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo's 13 Going on 30 throwbacks! On Thursday, both Garner and Ruffalo shared videos of them eating Razzles and talking about where their 13 Going on 30 characters, Jenna Rink and Matty Flamhaff, would be today.

"Can you believe it’s been 18 years since 13 Going on 30,” Garner asks Ruffalo before the two eat some Razzles, noting it's "both a candy and a gum."

“It’s sort of like Jenna and Matty got together, so they could become parents in the Adam Project,” Ruffalo tells Garner, referencing their upcoming film, which stars Walker Scobell, who plays their on-screen child and also appears in the video.  

Garner asks their young co-star if he’s ever seen 13 Going on 30. “Didn’t that movie come out before I was even born?” the 13-year-old actor notes. 

Garner and Ruffalo have been tapping into all of the 13 Going on 30 nostalgia as of late. On Wednesday, the 49-year-old actress shared a photo of her and Ruffalo recreating a scene from the romcom. “13 Going on 30 Reunion, aka #TheAdamProject, is out Friday on @netflix. ♥️,” she captioned the post.

In The Adam Project, the pair play a husband and wife, whose son, Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, travels back in time to team up with his 12-year-old self (Scobell) for a mission to save the future. 

At the film’s New York City premiere, Ruffalo and Garner spoke to ET about reuniting. "We did 13 Going on 30, went on and had lives, families, and kids and all kinds of other stuff, and came back and it's like, 'Wow. what a journey we’ve taken,' and here we are," Ruffalo mused.

Garner added, "It was so lovely. It was really comforting to be together again, and I don’t think either of us realized how much we needed it and how great we feel. Making [13 Going on 30], specifically, was so special and then it's meant so much to so many people since then, which has been such a gift."

The actress couldn't be more grateful to have Ruffalo in her life after all these years. "We’ve kind of been woven into each other's lives without the benefit of really being together," she told ET. "It just felt like we were picking up where we left off." 

The Adam Project begins streaming Friday on Netflix.


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