Jennifer Garner, Ava DuVernay, Kardashians & More Celebs Celebrate National Siblings Day -- See the Posts!

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Celebrities across the globe celebrated their siblings on social media Tuesday.

Happy National Siblings Day!

Celebrities across the globe paid tribute to their brothers and sisters on social media on Tuesday in celebration of the holiday. The tributes -- both real life and fictional -- ranged from the very, very sweet (see Victoria Justice below), to the very, very awkward (we're looking at you, Cersei and Jaime Lannister) in a slew of posts to Twitter and Instagram.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian went bikini-clad for their tribute, with the two sisters posting a gorgeous back-to-back snap in all-black swimwear on the beach. Plus, some orange-tinted sun visors!

On the sweeter side comes the aforementioned Victoria Justice, who posted a sweet Twitter video of herself and her half-sister, Madison Grace, singing Eiffel 65's classic "Blue (Da Ba Dee)."

"Happy #NationalSiblingsDay ?‍♂️ This video makes me so happy," Justice wrote. "Love you @themadisongrace, there’s no one else I’d rather bop around to Eiffel 65 with ?. P.S. Who else was obsessed with this song?! #nostalgia."

And Jennifer Garner took time away from grieving the loss of her beloved chicken, Regina George, to pay a sweet tribute to her sisters.

"First and foremost, always and forever, I am the middle Garner Girl," she wrote on Instagram. "How lucky am I to have such sisters. #nationalsiblingsday #middlesister #melissaandsusannah #ilovemysisters."

Cardi B, who recently revealed she was pregnant and just hilariously co-hosted The Tonight Show, had a special National Siblings Day, getting to spend it with her sister, Hennessy Carolina, on MTV.

"MTV, isn't it funny that I'm hosting TRL with my sister and it's Sibling Day?" she said in a Twitter video. "That's poppin.' That's Jesus."


Heartthrob model, actor and producer Nyle DiMarco made quite a stir by posting a Twitter photo of himself and not just one but two brothers, Neal and Nico. Twitter lost it upon discovering that there were three of them.

A representative sampling of social media responses to DiMarco's post: "God made THREE gorgeous Demarco siblings???!!! *faints*" and "I see THREE full course meals."

And A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay took time out of her ludicrously busy filmmaking schedule to post a sweet tribute to her sister, Jina.

See more onscreen and real-life siblings below:

 For more celebrity siblings, watch the video below.