Jennifer Garner on Learning 'Humility' From Her kids and How Teen Life Is 'Hard Work' (Exclusive)

The mom of three told ET about how her kids are teaching her as they all enter their teenage years.

Jennifer Garner is not ashamed to admit the lesson that her three children are teaching her as a mom. 

Talking with ET's Denny Directo from the red carpet of her new Netflix film, Family Switch, Garner, 51, says she is currently receiving a lesson on "humility" from Violet, 17, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 11 -- whom she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck

"My kids have taught me so much," Garner said.

"Right now? Humility. They're on a real path for teaching me humility," the 13 Going On 30 actress said with a laugh. 

Referencing the plot to her new movie in which Garner's character switches places with her teenage daughter and Ed Helms' character switches with their young son, ET also asked her if she thinks it would be harder to swap lives with a teenager or an adult. 

"I think it's so much harder to switch lives with a teen," she said assuredly. "Yeah, I've got them in my house. My house is full of teens and they -- that is hard work."

One of those teens in her house is soon to become an adult, though; Garner and Affleck's oldest daughter, Violet, turns 18 on Dec. 1. 

On Tuesday, Garner stopped by Live with Kelly & Mark to chat with Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa about her new film and how she feels about being the mom to a soon-to-be college student. 

Nathan Howard/Getty Images

"We hear you're about to have an adult in your household?" Consuelos asked Garner during the show.

"I am. I'm about to have an adult," she said. "Three days. I'm three days from my eldest turning 18. Can you guys believe that?"

She went on to add that Violet is in the thick of the college admissions process and that she is proud to see her pursue her goals "like a champ."

"It is exciting," the actress said. "I can see the stress — even though the excitement and stress go hand in hand. But she's handling it like a champ and she's totally in charge. I'm not having to say, 'Are you doing this, are you doing this?' She's a self-starter. And I'm just proud of her no matter what."

Family Switch, also starring Emma Myers, Rita Moreno and Brady Noon, arrives on Netflix on Nov. 30.