Jennifer Garner Pokes Fun at Her Kids With 'Late For the Bus Mom' Halloween Costume

Garner trolled her kids with her 'last minute' Halloween costume.

Jennifer Garner just nailed Halloween with this epic "last minute" costume. Hopping on the Spirit Halloween costume bag trend, Garner took to Instagram where she trolled her kids with a "Late For the Bus Mom" costume, complete with all the makings for a mom just trying to get her kids to school on time.

As for what the costume comes with, Garner, who shares Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, with ex-husband Ben Affleck, listed a few of the essentials, including a wet hair wig, lukewarm coffee, cellphone mid-podcast and a healthy dose of will and determination. Not pictured were the children, which per the costume description, are already waiting in the car, with their lunchbox forgotten on the kitchen counter. 

While the costume did not list Garner's monogrammed robe as one of the items in the bag, it did note that undergarments are optional.

The bag featured a photo of a smiling Garner posing with coffee in one hand, and her phone in another, while sporting wet hair, a robe and some comfy slippers. She also included a solo shot of her "Late For the Bus Mom" look on a separate slide.

"If you’re looking for a last minute costume idea, I got you covered. #HappyHalloween," Garner captioned the tongue-in-cheek pic.

Garner's post was met with plenty of love in the comments, from fellow moms, fans and celebs alike, including interior designer Jenna Lyons, who wrote, "😂😂😂literally me except not showered."

Hairstylist Clariss Anya Rubenstein also commented, "Omg looks so similar to late for preschool drop off mom!!" The Office's Angela Kinsey applauded the funny fit, along with several others, who wrote that they'll be wearing Garner's costume this Halloween.

The 13 Going on 30 actress has been in the spooky spirit for some time now. Earlier this month, Garner took to Instagram dressed in ghostly garb to deliver a Halloween poem

She appeared as two different "ghostesses" in the clip, along with her dog, Birdie, who is also dressed as a ghost in a hilariously shredded pillowcase. The actress' first look was positively witchy -- a purple and black outfit with a jet black wig -- and the second, a classically ghostly tattered white ensemble. 

"Three little ghostesses, sitting on postesses, eating buttered toastesses. Greasing their fistesses, up to their wristesses. Oh, what beastesses to make such feastesses!" Garner playfully recited while snacking on "buttered toastesses."

A longtime lover of the haunting holiday, Garner never misses an opportunity for a fun costume, whether it's poking fun at her kids or herself. Back in 2019, the 50-year-old film star told ET that Halloween prep had been getting "harder" each year as her kids grow.

"I mean, I remember one year when I talked both my girls into dressing up as pigs, and they were so cute!" Garner recalled. "And now they would be like, 'No, mom, oh my gosh, no!'"

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