Jennifer Garner Shares Heartwarming 'Alias' Memory While Revealing Favorite Ina Garten Recipe

Jennifer Garner at Peppermint premiere
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The 46-year-old actress will never forget the first time she made Garten's beef bourguignon.

Jennifer Garner is a big fan of Ina Garten -- but it's one special dish in particular that the actress holds dear. 

The Camping star shared her favorite Garten recipe for a recent story on Bon Appetit, revealing that the acclaimed TV chef's beef bourguignon will always remind her of the first time she made it years earlier, while starring on Alias

"The first time I made it was ages ago -- we were shooting Alias in the early 2000s, and my co-star Michael Vartan had hunted down a signed copy of Barefoot in Paris for me," Garner revealed. "I made dinner for Victor Garber -- who played my dad on the show -- and his partner, Rainer."

"We were mid-season and had just finished a long week, and I somehow made this gorgeous meal on a Saturday night. I remember being in my little house listening to music and drinking a glass of gorgeous red wine. (Always cook with a wine you’d like to have at the table, right, Ina?)," she recalled. "The house smelled like winter when Victor and Rainer arrived, and the meal was done. I didn’t have to get up to check anything or stir or sauté -- everything had cooked in the oven, and we just sat and ate and talked and laughed."

The actress remembered making the dish many more times throughout the years, but said she's still yet to make it for Garten, amid their new friendship. Nearly four years ago, Garten cooked a meal for Garner on her birthday, and in July, the mother of three got a sneak peek at her culinary idol's new cookbook

"I understand if this brings up big feelings for you ?, but I spent the morning with @inagarten. ❤️ In her barn kitchen, in her garden, having coffee...yes. It’s true. ? I even got a sneak peek of the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook— #CookLikeAPro— it’s fabulous," Garner wrote alongside an incredible selfie with Garten at the time. "Thank you for the perfect morning, Ina, you are beloved for a reason. I can’t wait to continue the conversation. ❤️, Jen. #sheseverythingwewanthertobe #luckyme." 

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