Jennifer Lawrence Admits She's on TikTok -- But Won't be Making Content

The 'Don't Look Up' star opened up about her social media habits to a surprised Stephen Colbert.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't interested in getting in front of the camera -- at least not on TikTok.

However, that doesn't mean she's not on the mega popular social media platform. As the 31-year-old Don't Look Up star recently revealed to Stephen Colbert, she's among the many, many TikTok users who created a profile to watch other people's content, instead of making their own.

In a segment that aired on Tuesday's The Late Show -- but was originally filmed when Lawrence sat down with Colbert back in December -- the actress took the "Colbert Questionnaire," and answered some rapid-fire inquiries.

When asked to reveal the "most used app on your phone," a reluctant Lawrence said, "Oh, God, I hate the answer, but TikTok, yeah."

At the mention of it, there were some hoots and cheers from the audience, to which Lawrence laughingly pointed out, "Oh, we've got some TikTokers in here."

When asked if she actually makes videos on the app, Lawrence emphatically clarified, "No! I don't make TikToks! Oh my god, can you imagine? No. No."

When Colbert said that people would definitely watch them, Lawrence laughed and explained, "Oh, I know!" 

While being interviewed on the late-night talk show back in December, Colbert asked Lawrence how she spent her time during her nearly three-year break from Hollywood. The Oscar winner — who is pregnant with her first child with husband Cooke Maroney — shared a cheeky response.

"I just had a ton of sex," Lawrence replied, laughing while looking down at her pregnant belly, before assuring the laughing audience, "I'm joking."

What she actually ended up doing during her time away from the spotlight was household chores.

"I cooked a little. I mean, the pandemic happened, then I cooked and I cleaned a lot," she shared.

Check out the video below to hear more recent news from Lawrence.


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