Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Hilarious Bar Fight With a Fan: 'I Took Beers and I Started Dousing Him'

The Oscar winner got into a brawl with an aggressive fan in Budapest.

Pro tip: Don’t get into a bar fight with Jennifer Lawrence. The 27-year-old Mother! star opened up on Late Night with Seth Meyers about a funny altercation she got into with an aggressive fan in Budapest where she recently filmed her new project, Red Sparrow.

When the unnamed male came up to a “drunk” Lawrence at a bar asking for a selfie, she turned him down. 

“He was like, ‘Please, my girlfriend won’t believe you!’ And my friend was like, ‘If your girlfriend won’t believe you, then she’s not the one,’” Lawrence recalled laughing. “And we were like, ‘Just go away.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, well f**k you!’”

That comment did not go over well with the quirky star, who quickly declared, “I don’t know, something in me just snapped – it couldn’t have been the alcohol. And I was like, ‘Did you just say f**k you to me?!’”

Lawrence then admitted that she grabbed the man, “And I took beers and I started dousing him, all over him. Weirdly he had a suitcase and it went straight to the bar. And I was like, ‘Is that your s**t.’ And I started pouring beers all over his suitcase.”

The fight was broken up by the Oscar winner’s friend, Chris, who grabbed her from behind, and declared, “Don’t waste beer!,” which calmed her down. She joked that a friend later saw the guy in the bathroom “all wet and crying.” 

Her bar brawl is a far cry from Lawrence’s put-together, glam red carpets, while promoting her new film. To see ET’s exclusive interview with the star, watch the clip below!