Jennifer Lopez Recalls What Matthew McConaughey Told Her Before 'Wedding Planner' Kissing Scene

The two actors reunited and reminisced about filming the rom-com 20 years ago.

It's been 20 years since The Wedding Planner was released. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey reunited to reminisce about their 2001 film and shared their memories from their time on set. The two couldn't have been happier to reconnect on Instagram Live on Tuesday, with J.Lo even recalling what the actor told her right before one of their major kissing scenes.

"Can you believe it's been 20 years since we did The Wedding Planner?" J.Lo first asked McConaughey, who replied, "Not when you say it like that. Twenty years, I was doing the math. That's a while ago."

The Wedding Planner follows Lopez as wedding planner Mary Fiore, who ends up falling in love with Steve Edison (McConaughey), the groom of one of her biggest accounts.

"It still feels like it was yesterday," Lopez continued, adding that they have both done so much over the last two decades. "Just yesterday we were in the middle of that field with the movie theater. Do you remember doing that scene where you were about to kiss me? And I remember you saying to me, I don't know if you remember this…You said, 'Ms. Lopez, I'm going to kiss you now.' And I was like, 'OK, let's do it. Let's kiss.' I remember that clearly."

McConaughey and Lopez then laughed, as they then touched on how they don't make rom-coms like that anymore. Lopez shared how she's still trying to keep the genre alive with her upcoming films, Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding. "I want to know that there's a happily ever after," she expressed.

"We need a little lightness…We don't get as much of it anymore," McConaughey added about the need for more more rom-coms and The Wedding Planner's impact. "There were a lot more…but you don't see that many anymore."

Lopez also shared one of her favorite scenes, where McConaughey's character saves her from the dumpster about to hit her and she recalled saying, "You smell like grilled cheese and plums" -- the real line is "You smell like sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwiches."

The two old pals also praised each other's work ethic, talked about what they have done amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now knowing there's a work-life balance they can take moving forward.

When talking about her upcoming film, Shotgun Wedding, Lopez even expressed how she wished McConaughey would have been her co-star.

"[Shotgun Wedding] would have been so…I was actually like, we should do that one together! But I have more coming up. We're gonna do something again, baby," Lopez told him. "Because we have to do something. It's been too long. Twenty years is too long."

McConaughey agreed that they should definitely reunite onscreen in the future. Their almost 30-minute chat concluded with the two once again telling each other how much they admire one another and sent their well-wishes to their families.