Jennifer Lopez 'Wishes Alex Rodriguez the Best' Amid His New Romance, Source Says

A source tells ET that the triple-threat star 'doesn't even think twice' about her ex-fiancé.

Jennifer Lopez isn't thinking about her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, much at all these days. The 46-year-old former MLB player was recently spotted kissing 25-year-old model Kathryne Padgett in Italy, and a source tells ET that Lopez "wishes him the best."

"Jen is focused on herself and doesn't even think twice about A-Rod or his current love life," the source notes of the triple-threat star, who is once again engaged to Ben Affleck. "She wishes [Alex] the best, but it's not something that bothers her or takes up space in her mind whatsoever. She just wants everyone to be happy, whatever that might entail."

The source adds, "A-Rod is 100 percent at the back of her mind, and his dating life doesn't faze her."

Lopez has a lot to celebrate in her own life. In addition to her and Affleck's engagement earlier this year, she's also celebrating the release of her Netflix documentary, Halftime, which reflects on her multifaceted career and the pressure of life in the spotlight as she's preparing to perform at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show in Miami, Florida. 

"Jen is so proud of her Netflix documentary. She feels like it shows people a new side of her and is happy to get to share more of herself with her fans," the source says.

As for her and Affleck, the source tells ET, "Jen and Ben are so dedicated to each other and their families. Jen is focused on herself."

At the premiere of Halftime during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, Lopez spoke with ET about the "beautiful moment" she's having both personally and professionally. The 52-year-old entertainer was adamant that fans have not seen the last of her. 

"It’s halftime!" Lopez exclaimed. "I keep saying that. It's so funny, we were talking about this today, 'Champions are made in the third and fourth quarter. That’s when you win!' I feel like there’s a lot left for me. So, I'm very excited about it. I do think it's just halftime."