Jennifer Love Hewitt Makes Her Debut on Fox's '9-1-1' in Adrenaline-Pumping Season 2 Trailer


Jennifer Love Hewitt is answering the call.

Fox released the first footage of the actress in the second season of the first responder procedural 9-1-1 on Thursday. Hewitt plays Maddie Buckley, a 9-1-1 operator who is the sister of firefighter Evan "Buck" Buckley, played by Oliver Stark. 

In the two-minute trailer, Hewitt -- who takes over for Connie Britton, who left after the first season -- provides the voice-over and it's clear from the start, her character has difficulties dealing with demons from her past. The 39-year-old actress also settles into her new perch behind the 9-1-1 switchboard, answering the latest emergency dispatch, just as an earthquake threatens all of Los Angeles.

Watch the dramatic trailer below.

“I really love the show. I genuinely love it; it's just a beautiful show,” Hewitt told ET in May about joining 9-1-1. “I love the idea of following the first responders, but I also love really knowing who they are as people, and not just sort of seeing the emergency situations. And when Ryan Murphy calls, I mean, you pick up the phone and you say, 'Uh huh. Uh huh. OK.' And that's it! That's pretty much the conversation. I adore him, as does the world, and they should. I've known him a long time and I was just really honored.”

Hewitt also detailed who Maddie is, revealing that she comes in with a "dark, sordid story of my own." "And I take sort of safety and solace in being a 9-1-1 operator,” she explained. “I am literally buckling my seat belt and waiting to read it all. I have no idea, but I'm excited.”

9-1-1 launches with a two-night premiere starting Sunday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, after the NFL doubleheader, followed by a new episode Monday, Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT in its regular time slot.


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