'Jeopardy!' Champ James Holzhauer Wins Again, Passes $1 Million Mark

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This newcomer has the makings of a game-show legend!

We're witnessing history in the making!

On Tuesday, viewers were dazzled when James Holzhauer won yet again during his 14th day in a row on Jeopardy!, which has raised his total winnings to a whopping $1,061,554.

The recent victory made the 31-year-old professional gambler only the second person in the history of the decades-spanning game show to win over a million dollars. Ken Jennings previously earned $2,520,700.

Holzhauer's winning streak also places him among the top four contestants with consecutive wins on the show. His 14-win run is outmatched by David Madden with 19 wins, Julia Collins with 20 wins and Jennings with an astounding 74 wins.

But Holzhauer's impressive stats don't end there. Earlier in April, he managed to break the record for the most won by a contestant in a single day with $110,914. He went on to claim the top six spots for single-game winnings, according to The Wrap.

It turns out Jeopardy! has special significance for Holzhauser. In a recent episode, he discussed watching the show with his grandmother and how it set him on the path to one day competing on the program.

"She moved from Japan to help raise me and my brother, spoke barely any English, if anything at all," he explained. "But Jeopardy! was on in the afternoon at our house, my dad wasn't home yet, she would watch the program with me even though she didn't understand a lick of it."

"And I promised her that someday she'd see me on the stage up here," he added. "So, I hope wherever she is right now, she's looking down."

Earlier this month, ET caught up with Jennings, who recalled what it was like being on the beloved game show.

"I get nervous on Jeopardy!," he confessed. "Jeopardy! is a crucible."

Jennings also commented on host Alex Trebek's cancer diagnosis. "I sent Alex best wishes like I know hundreds of thousands of people have," he shared. "I can't imagine Jeopardy! hosted by anybody else. To me, he's irreplaceable."

Tune in today to see if Holzhauer can continue his winning streak! (Check your local listings)