Jeremy Renner Shares Video Update From ICU of His Sister and Mother Visiting Him

The actor suffered severe injuries following a snowplow accident.

Jeremy Renner is getting some bedside tender love and care! The Hawkeye star gave his fans another update from the Intensive Care Unit in Nevada, following his snowplow accident on Sunday. 

"A 'not no great' ICU DAY, turned to amazing spa day with my sis and mam. Thank you sooooo much," the captioned read. In the video, 51-year-old Renner rests in the hospital bed as his sister massages his head, seemingly washing his hair while it's under a protective cap.

Renner’s sister playfully says, "You so sexy," as the actor pans the camera closer. 

"It’s the first shower in definitely a week or so," he adds.  

Renner still appears to be healing as his eyes are swollen and bruises are still visible. 

The latest video from ICU comes after the actor checked in with fans by posting a selfie from the hospital earlier this week. "Thank you all for your kind words," Renner wrote on Tuesday next to a selfie from his hospital bed. "I'm too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all." 

Along with the visual update, the actor's rep told ET on Tuesday, "Jeremy is making positive progress and is awake, talking and in good spirits. He remains in ICU in critical but stable condition. He is overwhelmed by the showing of love and support. The family asks for your continued thoughts while he heals with his close loved ones." 

In addition, a press conference was held on Tuesday, where Bryan Samudio of the Washoe County Sheriff's Office spoke in detail about a 9-1-1 call that was placed involving a pedestrian who had been run over by a snowcat in the area of Mount Rose Highway in Nevada. 

"Mr. Renner's personal vehicle, which was being driven by a family member, had become stuck in the snow near his home," Samudio explained. "Mr. Renner went to retrieve his piston bully, or snowcat -- an extremely large piece mobile equipment weighing at least 14,330 pounds -- in an effort to get his vehicle moving." 

"After successfully, towing his personal vehicle from its stuck location, Mr. Renner got out of his piston bully to speak to his family member. At this point it is observed that the piston bully started to roll," he continued. "In an effort, to stop the rolling piston bully, Mr. Renner attempted to get back in the driver's seat of the piston bully. Based on our investigation, it's at this point Mr. Renner [was] run over by the piston bully." 

Samudio noted that Renner was conscious after the accident and speaking to first responders. He was taken via care flight to a hospital in Reno, Nevada. 

Also this week, ET learned that Renner underwent chest surgery to address his injuries. The actor's publicist shared that he suffered "blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries" as a result of the accident.