Jerry Seinfeld Says a 'Seinfeld' Reboot 'Would Seem Sad' (Exclusive)

'Seinfeld' begins streaming on Netflix on Oct. 1.

No reboot for you! Jerry Seinfeld isn't interested in a revival of his beloved sitcom, Seinfeld. Though all nine seasons of the comedy are coming to Netflix on Oct. 1, the show's creator and star isn't looking to return to New York City with Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. 

"It would seem sad to me. It would seem like we couldn't think of a new idea," Seinfeld told ET's Rachel Smith while discussing the new streaming release. 

When Smith suggested a reunion special like the popular Friends reunion this past spring in an attempt to finally get Jason Alexander (George) his Emmy, Seinfeld still wasn't convinced. 

"I don't think you win Emmys for that stuff," he said. 

"They got nominated for an Emmy!" Smith argued of the Friends cast. 

"But they didn't win!" he noted.  

As for the evolution of the show, Seinfeld said he never could have dreamt when they were making the series that it would one day be on a streaming service. 

"There was nothing like this in the '90s. We went to VCRs and then we had DVDs, then we had syndication, local television, cable, now streaming, it's like Jurassic Park, this show," he quipped. "We're bringing this dinosaur back to life."

So what does he think the "show about nothing" was really about?

"I think the show was about having fun and making fun of ordinary things, of life," he explained. "It's relatable, but there's an obsessive, neurotic, New York quality that takes it to another level."

Seinfeld is now the father of three kids -- Sascha, 20, Julian, 18, and Shepherd, 16 -- who weren't even alive when the show was originally airing. He said his oldest daughter has now watched the series in its entirety. 

"I asked her once, I walked in the room and I saw her watching it and I asked her. I said, 'Are you watching this because you like the show or because your dad is in it?' And she thought for a second and she went, 'I don't know,'" he joked. 

Seinfeld begins streaming on Netflix on Oct. 1.