Jerry Seinfeld Shares the Secret to His 20-Year Marriage to Wife Jessica (Exclusive)

Jerry Seinfeld is opening up about his long-lasting relationship with his wife, author Jessica Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld is opening up about his long-lasting relationship with his wife, author Jessica Seinfeld.

The couple has been married since 1999 and share three kids together -- 19-year-old Sascha, 17-year-old Julian and 14-year-old Shepherd. ET's Nischelle Turner recently talked to the beloved comedian via video chat about his new Netflix stand-up comedy special, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, and he talked about their marriage lasting two decades.

"Well, I'm not in Hollywood, I'm in New York, so I have a little advantage there," he jokes. "I always thought that L.A. was very bad for marriage. I think you need good -- four seasons is good marriage weather. When it's sunny and warm all the time, that's not good for long relationships, you know? 'Cause it makes you want to venture out. It makes you want to venture out. It's nice out. In New York, you just want to stay home in the winter."

Seinfeld also admits that despite being a comedy icon, his wife and kids aren't always a fan of his humor.

"Sometimes, but they also love to take me down when I'm trying to be funny and I'm not," he shares. "They love to just stare at me and just go, 'Really? Is that one of your new bits?' That's the worst thing that they'll say. 'Is this something that you're working on, Dad?'"

Meanwhile, given that a few iconic casts have reunited for good causes during the coronavirus pandemic, Seinfeld can't escape chatter about a possible Seinfeld reunion. Unfortunately for the legendary sitcom's fans, he tells ET he still has zero plans to revive it.

"Don't think about it, haven't talked about it," he says. "If it would save the world, we would do it, but I don't think it would."

But he did have a message about essential workers during the national health crisis, especially in New York, the state that has been hit the hardest.

"It just shows you how anyone can be a hero at any moment when you thinking of someone other than yourself, that's what a hero is," he notes.

Seinfeld said he and his family are doing well under quarantine, recently celebrating his 66th birthday on April 29.

"I didn't do anything different," he shares. "My birthday is really all about Italian food. As long as I have a gigantic Italian meal with a lot of red wine and a nice chocolate cake, I really don't care where I am or what it is. And my wife is a great cook and we had a calzone, we had ziti, we had red wine and she made chocolate cake."

He later shared which comedians he would choose to be under quarantine with.

"Oh my god, all of them. Chris Rock and Colin Quinn and George Wallace and Sebastian Maniscalco and my new favorite comedian, Sarah Cooper," he reveals. "Love her, so funny, she has really got great talent."

Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, his first stand-up special since 1998, is streaming now on Netflix.

Meanwhile, ET spoke with Jason Alexander in November about a possible Seinfeld reboot. Watch the video below for more:


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