Jessica Alba Admits She Makes Parenting Mistakes 'All the Time'

Jessica Alba
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Jessica Alba works hard and wants her kids to know they can do anything they want.

The 37-year-old actress and entrepreneur is mother to three children -- Honor, 10, Haven, 6, and 7-month-old son Hayes -- with husband Cash Warren, and understands the importance of giving it your all to inspire your kids.

"It’s people not believing in me. For whatever reason that motivates me," Alba tells InStyle magazine about what her greatest motivator is. "There are always haters, and my goals are not small ones. I just want to live a full life and stay curious and challenge myself. I want my kids to see me push outside my comfort zone. And sometimes that means making mistakes and admitting them, which is especially hard in front of your kids."

Admitting that she makes mistakes "all the time," the Sin City star even laughs about a "terrible habit" she has with her kids.

"Whenever my kids ask me to find something, they’re like, ‘Mom, where’s my…’ you know, backpack, toothbrush, whatever. And I just say ‘Up your butt,’ and that’s probably bad parenting," she jokes.

While working full-time and being a parent is not an easy task, the Honest Company co-founder also gets candid about the hardships of being healthy and getting back in shape after giving birth to her son.

"That sh*t is hard," she stresses. "For me, it’s more about posting what I’m really going through. Working out is not easy, but I’m doing it. I’m dropping a name here, but I was with Kate Hudson, and she’s so fit! And I was like, ‘You work out every day?’ And she said, ‘Of course I do.’ I was just like, ‘F**k, man, she doesn’t even question it, so I shouldn’t question it either.’”

With that comes training herself to make healthier lifestyle choices.

"I look at that glass of wine at 5 p.m. like, 'Sh*t! If I could just have that,'" she shares. "But I’m not giving myself that. Instead, I’m figuring out how to drink a lot of water."

But for now, as Alba gets older she makes it a point to be her best self, adding, "That’s something I really appreciate now that I’m getting older. I give so little f**ks, so little. All that matters is to be happy and live your life."

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