Jessica Simpson Shares Hilarious Pic of Her Uncomfortably Celebrating Son Ace's 5th Birthday With Parrots

Jessica Simpson and Husband Eric Johnson with kids Ace and Maxwell
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The 37-year-old singer and businesswoman looks hilariously nervous about having a parrot on her shoulder.

Jessica Simpson is apparently not a fan of parrots.

The 37-year-old singer and fashion mogul threw an epic baseball and parrots-themed fifth birthday party on Saturday for her son, Ace Knute. In some adorably hilarious photos of the party she posted on Instagram, her son looks to be having a blast while posing with some parrots, while Simpson looks like she's about to freak out.

In one Instagram photo, she poses slightly stone-faced with husband Eric Johnson, Ace and daughter Maxwell as parrots sit on their children's heads. In the second, however -- which features a blue parrot on her shoulder as she and Johnson hold a multicolored parrot -- she looks like she's about to jump out of her skin.

She had a good sense of humor about it though, joking about it on Instagram.

"Baseball and Parrots- a five-year-old’s dream come true! #ACEKNUTE #5 #Parrotdise #GreenSox" she wrote next to the first photo on Instagram.

The second photo? "I’m totally comfortable here," she joked.

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Ace, who was feted with cake, donuts, some epic decorations and, of course, parrots, appeared to be having a blast through it all.

It looks from the photos like the little tyke has recovered well from a few weeks ago when he broke his arm, an injury that appeared to leave Simpson far more traumatized than he was. In an Instagram post showing Ace in a cast at the time, she added the hashtag, "#ICriedMoreThanHeDid." He also recently graduated from pre-kindergarten and will be heading to kindergarten this fall.

For more on Simpson and motherhood, watch the video below.