Jimmy Butler and His Emo Hair Star in New Fall Out Boy Music Video

The NBA star went all emo (again) for Fall Out Boy's new track, 'So Much (For) Stardust.'

Jimmy Butler is one with his emotions again, and this time it's to help out Fall Out Boy.

The NBA star channeled his inner emo cowboy for the band's music video to their new track, "So Much (For) Stardust," the title track off their new album. In the music video, Butler's decked out in purple and gold (no relation to the Lakers) as he lip syncs to the track.

The 6-foot-7 Miami Heat star also busts out a few moves here and there while showing off his giant belt buckle and snakeskin cowboy boots. At one point, Butler cracks a smile as he gets into the groove of the catchy tune. Later in the music video -- after Butler shakes a bedazzled 8-ball -- Pete Wentz appears in a similar cowboy get-up while donning long brunette locks.

The music video comes on the heels of Fall Out Boy kicking off its world tour, beginning Wednesday night in Portland Oregon. So Much (For) Stardust is the band's eighth studio album, which debuted as the No. 1 rock album, which originally dropped in March 2023.

Jimmy Butler during Miami Heat Media Day in October 2023. - Getty

Butler's look is eerily reminiscent to when he showed up for media day last October ahead of the 2023-24 NBA season. He walked over to the podium with straight hair covering half his face, black fingernails and a pierced eyebrow. Before he even sat down for that presser, he uttered, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Laugh it up."

He later added, "This is my emotional state. I'm one with my emotions."

Prior to the emo look, Butler sported dreadlocks in the offseason, though he had to convince the media they were not hair extensions.

"You never know how I'm going to wake up in the morning," said Butler via CBS Sports. "This is how I feel today. We'll see tomorrow. Tomorrow might be in all yellow, who knows."


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