Jimmy Fallon's Daughters Make Adorable Cameo as He Sings 'Wash Your Hands' in New Video

Jimmy Fallon
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The 'Tonight Show' host is making the most of his time at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Jimmy Fallon is turning to music and adorable silliness to try and share an important message about hygiene.

While The Tonight Show -- along with nearly every other talk show and TV production across the country -- has temporarily gone dark amid the growing coronavirus outbreak, the comedian had some time on his hands to make a video about the importance of keeping your hands and face germ free.

Fallon got a little help from his young daughters -- 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Frances, whom he shares with wife Nancy Juvonen -- for a fun video he posted to Instagram, in which he sings some sage advice while strumming a guitar in the bathroom mirror.

"Wash your hands, wash your hands, do NOT touch your face," Fallon croons, twice over, as the video cuts to his little girls adorably smiling at the camera while washing their hands in the sink, with soap. "If you wash your hands and do not touch your face then the world will be a better place."

The song, which Fallon titled simply, the "#WashYourHandsSong," is also just around 20 seconds, which makes it a perfect song to sing to yourself while washing your hands for the amount of time suggested by medical experts and the CDC.

Whether it's the beaming smiles on his daughters' faces or Fallon's trademark endearing earnestness and fun demeanor, the comic's sweet (and useful) little jingle is a pleasant bright spot during an increasingly dreary time.

On Thursday, Fallon hosted a very unique Tonight Show -- the last before NBC announced they were suspending production amid the outbreak -- and delivered a monologue to an empty theater, sans studio audience. 

Fellow late night talk show host Stephen Colbert did a similarly audience-free episode, while both hosts shared messages of encouragement during the growing panic over the spread of COVID-19.

Check out the video below for more on how to properly and effectively wash your hands to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, as demonstrated by Dr. Oz.