Jimmy Fallon's Two Daughters Are the New 'Tonight Show' Band

Winnie and Franny played the cowbell and piano for their dad's at-home show.

Sorry, Questlove! Jimmy Fallon found the perfect replacement for The Roots -- his daughters, Winnie and Franny.  

The six and five-year-old girls opened Monday's at-home version of The Tonight Show by playing the cowbell and the piano loudly as their dad introduced the show. 

"I want to thank Franny and Winnie," Fallon said, having his wife, Nancy Juvonen, pan the camera to their family dog. "Gary the dog is here."

Fallon also had a message for those practicing social distancing. 

"Everyone's crossing the street because they're socially distancing, which is great, but just because you're doing that doesn't mean you don't have to smile or wave," he insisted. "You can do that. You don't have to not be a person."

Fallon also told some jokes, including one written by his mom, Gloria Fallon. 

"I had a tough weekend, the governor of New York declared me the definition of non-essential," he quipped. 

For his guest interviews, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah called in, and had some fun changing his backdrop to San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge while in his New York City apartment. Fallon also interviewed DJ D-Nice about his virtual dance parties that have gone viral. 

"A 100,000 people were in that Live to hear what I wanted to play and I was able to play from my heart. I love music so I was able to stop the music and play Kenny Rogers," DJ D-Nice said of the late country singer. "You would never hear Kenny Rogers in a hip-hop club, so I was just able to do what I love."

Meanwhile on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host of the late-night ABC show had his kids do the artwork for Monday's at-home episode and introduce him. 

For more late-night fun, watch the video below.



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