Jodi Montgomery Fires Back at Jamie Spears After His Objection to Her Request for More Security

Britney Spears' conservator is speaking out after the singer's dad opposed a security request.

Jodi Montgomery is speaking out after Jamie Spears opposed her security request. According to court documents obtained by ET, which were filed by Jodi's lawyer in Los Angeles court this month, Britney Spears' personal conservator slammed the singer's father, who is the conservator of Britney's estate, for opposing her request for additional security.

"Mr. Spears, as the Conservator of the Estate, and Ms. Montgomery, as the Conservator of the Person, should be working as a team to ensure that Ms. Spears' best interest are being met, that she is on a path to recovery and termination of her conservatorship, and that she is living her best life possible," the docs read. "Instead, Mr. Spears has decided it is time to start the finger-pointing and media attacks (even opposing Ms. Montgomery’s security amidst a flood of death threats), turning what should be a protective proceeding for his daughter into litigation warfare."

Earlier this month, ET obtained docs Jodi filed, in which she claimed that she has been receiving threats of violence and death since Britney's explosive court statement in June. In the docs, Jodi asked for 24/7 security to be paid for by the estate, and claimed that Jamie was OK with such a request.

When Jamie responded to Jodi's filing shortly thereafter, however, his lawyers formally opposed Jodi's request, saying that "such an expense is not reasonable, necessary, or proper," according to the docs, which were obtained by ET.

In his docs, Jamie noted that, while he "is very concerned" about the "dangerous rhetoric" and "increasing number of threatening communications and social media posts" directed at people involved in Britney's case, he "objects to Ms. Montgomery’s request for 24/7 live security services for herself at a cost of over $50,000 per month to the Conservatorship Estate for an indefinite period of time."

The docs allege that Jodi "has not provided sufficient detail, specific facts, or special circumstances to justify such an expense," additionally claiming that she "improperly and inexplicably seeks to shift the burden of ensuring her safety" to Jamie.

In the docs, Jamie's lawyers note that Jodi is not the only person involved in the case who has received such threats, pointing to Jamie himself and Britney's former court-appointed lawyer, Sam Ingham, as others who have received similar messages.

The $50,000 estimated monthly cost of security, the docs state, "is not an expense that the Conservatorship Estate can sustain for multiple individuals for an extended, indefinite period of time."

"If the Court directs the Conservatorship Estate to pay for Ms. Montgomery’s 24/7 live security services as she requests, Mr. Spears contends fairness should dictate that everyone who claims he or she is being threatened should have the same security services as Ms. Montgomery," the docs read.

The docs additionally argue that 24/7 security services that Jodi has requested are not "reasonably necessary," adding that her local sheriff's department is aware of threats against her and "have added her to their patrol watch."

Jamie's lawyers also take issue with a portion of Jodi's docs that, according to them, means that the private security company "is left to determine the amount and duration of services to be provided, and Mr. Spears is to pay whatever is requested by the vendor." Jamie believes that such a setup would lead to "over-expenditure of funds of the Conservatorship Estate," per the docs.

Should the court grant Jodi's request against Jamie's wishes, he asks that it also "provide guidelines such as a sum certain which he is approved to spend to provide the additional protection requested by Ms. Montgomery, and specifically, any other limitations on the nature and scope of the security services to be provided, i.e., duration of services on a daily basis and generally, on-site security personnel, patrol vehicles, threat investigation, bodyguards, travel protection, etc."

"It is not appropriate for Mr. Spears to be put in the position of picking and choosing who among the many individuals impacted by the Conservatorship should be permitted to charge the expense of live security services to the Conservatorship Estate," the docs read. "As a licensed professional fiduciary, Ms. Montgomery should pay for any security services personally as a cost of doing business."

Jodi's latest filing comes after Britney's June statement, during which she said, "my dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship and my management who played a huge role in punishing me, ma'am, they should be in jail." 

In Jodi's filing, she claimed that Jamie has "demanded multiple evidentiary hearings to defend himself against" the claims Britney's made in her statement, alleging that he did so "on [Britney's] dime" and "has spent $10,000 a workday (also on her dime) to fund his public relations and legal fees."

Jodi, in her filing, also denied that Britney wants her removed as her personal conservator, and denied Jamie's allegation that she's preventing him from communicating with his daughter.

"Since by [Jamie's] own admission he has been cut-off from communicating with his daughter -- at her request -- it is unclear how Mr. Spears knows that the retention of Ms. Montgomery 'does not reflect her wishes,' as he now claims," the docs read. "It is ironic that Mr. Spears now wants the conservatorship to 'reflect her wishes,' since it is no secret that Ms. Spears has wished her father out of her life for years."

Jodi likewise denied Jamie's allegations that she "conspired with respect to Ms. Spears' medical powers," that he has "had absolutely no involvement in Ms. Spears’ day-to-day personal care and medical treatment," and that Jodi "interfered" with Britney's "right to marry," the docs show.

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