Jodie Sweetin on Why Fiancé Mescal Wasilewski Is the One (Exclusive)

The couple got engaged while on a hike last month.

Jodie Sweetin is gushing over her fiancé! The 40-year-old actress got engaged to Mescal Wasilewski last month, and told ET's Lauren Zima why her future husband is the man for her.

"I just get along with him so well. He's my best friend," Sweetin said. "Beyond that we just have such a great life together. We love travelling. We love so many of the same things and connect in such a great way. I'm just at peace finally."

"I have never been with someone who has accepted me so 100 percent completely as I am. We get along so well. We have never had an argument. We have lived together now through the pandemic, with kids," she added. "... He is just so kind and wonderful. He just lets me be exactly who I am... He is like, 'I just want to support you. You do your dream and I will just be back here being your biggest fan. I don't need to be in pictures or in all of it.'"

Sweetin, who's mom to Beatrix, 11, and Zoie, 13, from previous relationships, noted that her girls and her parents are equally smitten with Wasilewski.

"Most importantly, my girls love him. He asked them before we got engaged, 'What would you think if your mom and I got married?'" she said. "He called my parents and talked to them. He did it all exactly right. My parents love him. I'm just really at peace and really happy."

As for the engagement itself, that came two days ahead of Sweetin's 40th birthday. While Wasilewski questioned if he should go through with his long-planned proposal so soon after the death of Sweetin's friend and Full House co-star, Bob Saget, he ultimately decided to do just that.

"We get to talk about being happy," Sweetin explained. "... Life is really painful and then life all of a sudden throws you great joy and that's sort of the adventure of this. You just have to keep and trust that even in the bad times it will get good again. You can make it through the bad times 'cause there's something good on the other side."

For Sweetin, that good moment came when she and Wasilewski were on a hike.

"His plan was to do it at the waterfall [but]... we couldn't find it," she said. "We sat in this beautiful little spot just the two of us and that was where he asked me."

When Wasilewski popped the question he did so with a vintage ring that was made by his godmother's  grandmother's grandfather.

"I have never seen anything like it. It is stunning," she gushed. "I don't need diamonds. I am not a big fancy person. For me, it is the story of what this ring meant to his godmother, who he loved so much. That, for me, is really meaningful."

Wedding planning hasn't commenced just yet, though the couple does want to make things official before the end of the year.

"[It'll] probably be something small with family and a few friends. We don't need to do anything huge," Sweetin said. "Luckily he is like, 'Babe, you do whatever you want and I am just here to show up.' He very much knows how weddings go, which is basically like the bride's day. He is there to just say 'I do.'"

Sweetin is much luckier in love than the new character she plays. The actress stars in the flick Just Swipe as Vanessa, a woman who's always looking for Mr. Right but has trouble finding him, and turns to online dating amid the COVID-19 pandemic

"One of the things in the movie that is so real is that it takes place during the pandemic, so you're on Zoom hangouts with friends, and playing silly games online, and [having] happy hours and dinners across a Zoom," Sweetin said. "I think there's an element in that that people will be like, 'Oh my gosh, I remember that we were going through it.'"

"I think, in a way, Zoom and having to [do things over] a distance sort of made people have to take it slow and get to really actually know each other and talk," she added. "I really loved that part of the movie, because that's something that's really important to me, getting to know people for who they are."

Just Swipe will be released Feb. 8 on  iTunes, Pop TV and Pluto TV.