Jodie Sweetin Reflects on Bob Saget's Death and Her Engagement in 40th Birthday Post

The actress opens up about the ups and downs of this year in a candid post.

This year has already had extreme highs and lows for Jodie Sweetin. On Thursday, the Full House star reflected on it all as she celebrated her 40th birthday. 

In a sweet Instagram post, the actress shared pics of herself on her milestone birthday with a Momofuko Milk Bar cake. 

"Here’s what 40 looks like," she wrote. "It was full of family, love, wonderful messages, thoughtful gifts, flowers, Mexican food, cake and lots of other goodies, and so much more."

Sweetin, who got engaged to her boyfriend Mescal Wasilewski, earlier this week, wrote, "The past two weeks have a been a reminder of just how fleeting it all is. The deep heartbreak of losing someone you love, to the joy of getting engaged, and the deep self reflection of those big round decade birthdays."

The loss Sweetin is referencing is that of her Full House co-star, Bob Saget, who died unexpectedly at the age of 65 earlier this month. Sweetin and other members of the Full House cast have spoken out numerous times about the tragic death, grieving the loss of her on-screen father. 

"Life comes at you fast. The wonderful, the painful, the joyous and the uncertain," Sweetin continued her birthday post. "The most important thing I’ve learned along the way is that if I can just hold on a little longer sometimes, the joy returns. I hope you remember that too…Turning 40 has been a gift. I’m ready for what comes next." 

Sweetin added that at 40 she's "just STARTING to feel like an adult."

"It’s old enough to have learned from lots of mistakes, but young enough to still go for the adventure," she wrote. "It’s finally feeling great in my own skin. It’s self-acceptance. It’s hustle."