Jodie Turner-Smith Shares Cute Pics of 'No. 1 Daddy' and 'Soulmate' Joshua Jackson

The 'Dawson's Creek' alum got a belated Father's Day tribute from the mother of his child.

Joshua Jackson got a belated Father's Day tribute from Jodie Turner-Smith.

The Queen & Slim star, who gave birth to her and Jackson's first child in April, posted several photos and messages to social media on Tuesday in honor of the Dawson's Creek actor. 

"Big soulmate energy. #1 daddy. Just checking in to say that us girls are so lucky to have ya ??????," Turner-Smith captioned an Instagram photo of Jackson sitting on the edge of a bed looking up at the camera as sunlight came in from a nearby window. 

The 33-year-old actress also posted a few more photos of the new dad to Twitter, proudly writing: "Many have called him daddy. I made him one. ??‍♀️."

Sunday marked Jackson's first Father's Day and back in May, when Turner-Smith celebrated her first Mother's Day, he posted a sweet message in her honor, along with a photo of her holding their child. 

"Dear Jodie, On this most special of Mother's Days I want to thank you for being the light that you are," he wrote. "For the passion with which you threw yourself into nurturing and protecting our child when she was in your womb. For the dedication and will you showed bringing her into the world. I have never witnessed a more powerful being than you through those moments."

"Thank you for the depth of grace you have found since our daughter has arrived. The commitment that you make look so effortless but I know is anything but," Jackson continued. "Thank you for making me a father. For trusting me enough to embark on this journey together. I am humbled more and more every day by that. I love you. I love seeing you enter the pantheon of mothers. And I look forward to walking this path by your side as we nurture this little engine of joy you have blessed the world with."




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