Joe Jackson Shares Heartfelt Advice for Grandson Blanket in Sweet Video Message: 'Be Tough, In a Good Way'

Blanket Jackson and Grandfather Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson/Twitter

The Jackson Family patriarch shared a touching (and somewhat rambling) message with his 15-year-old grandson on Monday.

Joe Jackson is sharing some sweet words of support and advice for his 15-year-old grandson, Blanket, the youngest son of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The 89-year-old Jackson family patriarch posted a YouTube video to his website on Monday, and explained that he feels Blanket is the most like his late father.

"To my grandson Blanket. You are like your father in so many ways, and you remind me most of him," Joe wrote in the post, alongside the video. "Enjoy life, see lots of good movies, stay healthy and remember, I do love you!"

In the video, Joe shared some life advice with Blanket -- whose real name is Prince Michael Jackson II -- that included, "Be like me: Be tough, in a good way, and you'll live a long time."

The music industry veteran did seem a bit confused at points in the somewhat rambling video. At one point he asks Blanket to "tell all your brothers I said, 'Hello,'"; however, Blanket has a 20-year-old brother, Michel Joseph Jackson Jr., (who goes by the name Prince Jackson), and a 19-year-old sister, Paris Jackson.

Joe also implored his grandson to "stay healthy and stay off those bikes, too. Don't ride none." However, it was Blanket's older brother who was rushed to the hospital earlier this month following a motorcycle crash, and suffered minor injuries.

Fans are unsure what inspired Joe to make the heartfelt video, but the sentiments seemed genuine. The proud grandfather also shared a photo of himself and Blanket, along with the message "Learn the rules and break them."

Joe concluded his video with a touching sign-off, telling his grandson, "Above all, I love you all. Take care, man, be good, and I'll see you next time I come to LA, OK? Adios."

For more on the youngest Jackson siblings, check out the video below.