Joe Jonas Cries as Jonas Brothers Dedicate 'Little Bird' to Fan Whose Father Died

The Jonas Brothers' emotional song was written for their daughters.

The Jonas Brothers are suckers for an emotional tour moment.

On Friday, the trio took the stage at Wrigley Field in Chicago as part of The Tour. At one point in the show, Joe Jonas was moved to tears during their performance of "Little Bird," after a fan asked them to perform it in honor of her father who died. 

Taking the fan's request, the 34-year-old told her, "This one's for you," as he, Kevin and Nick began the acoustic performance.

In another video captured by a fan at the concert, Joe sings the chorus and visibly wipes tears from his eyes mid-song. 

Joe's emotional performance comes one week after his big bro Kevin cried while the brothers were performing the song in honor of a fan whose daughter died.

During the show, Joe noticed a fan in the audience holding a sign that read, "Dedicate Little Bird to My Angel in Heaven." Joe paused the show for a moment, to speak to the fan from Mexico City, and ask her to reveal her "Little Bird's name.

"Valentina," she said. Making Kevin -- who has a 6-year-old daughter named Valentina -- place his hand on his chest.

Joe then gave the fan a hug, before saying, "This one's for Valentina, OK." 

In another video shared by a fan, Joe passionately sings the song, which was written for their daughters. As the video pans to Kevin, he is seen wiping tears as he strums his guitar for the acoustic performance. The oldest Jo Bro continues to cry as Joe and Nick pick up the chorus.

Ahead of hitting the road, the "Fly With Me" singers Spilled the ETea, and Kevin admitted that he would probably be the first one to cry while performing "Little Bird." 

Nick believed it would be the fans, "I think it will be more people in the audience crying than us," he shared.