The Jonas Brothers on Adjusting to Tour Life as Dads, Reveal Their Favorite Song to Perform (Exclusive)

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas are set to kick off their five albums, one night tour with two sold-out nights at Yankee Stadium.

Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas stopped by for ET's "Spilling the E-Tea" to discuss their upcoming tour ... and it's burnin' up! 

Together, the Jonas Brothers are set to kick off The Tour this weekend with two sold-out shows at the iconic Yankee Stadium in The Bronx, New York. Not only is the venue bigger, but so is the set list, as the GRAMMY-nominated trio is set to perform five albums in one night. 

The boys are ready.

"I can't wait," Nick Jonas says. "To put it simply, I can't wait." 

When it comes to performing five albums in one night, Kevin Jonas is "ecstatic," while Joe Jonas is a little nervous. 

"I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed," Joe tells his brothers about starting the tour. "But now that we've gotten it up and running and we did a dress rehearsal with a live audience, two nights ago, I think we finally realized we can do this thing. We built an incredible show for the people out there that have question marks in their brains saying, 'How are these boys going to do this?' Well, we can and we will. We'll see you at Yankees."

Nick adds that the jam-packed show has something for both the "OG" Jonas fans and the new ones. There's even something in there for the people who aren't fans of their music.

"We built a fun show all the way around," Kevin says.

In order to prep for the big event, sponsored by EVO ICL, the "Cool" singers are making sure they have the essentials like Xbox, insulin and golf clubs. Nick even gave his older brothers brand new sets of luggage, which comes in handy, as all three brothers are going to need space for their daughters. 

"It's an adjustment," says Nick, who shares 1-year-old daughter Malti with Priyanka Chopra Jonas. "But it's incredible and it's exciting to figure out. It's going to be amazing." 

Kevin shares daughters Alena, 9, and Valentina, 6, with wife Danielle Jonas, while Joe and Sophie Turner are parents to two daughters. 

The tour will also feature a song from The Album, "Little Bird," which is dedicated to their love bugs.

Kevin isn't scared to admit he may be the first one to cry when they perform that song, while Nick thinks it will be the fans. "I think it will be more people in the audience crying than us," he shares. 

The guys are also looking forward to performing some of their favorite songs. 

"'Lovebug' is my favorite one," Nick says.

Kevin admits that he can't wait to take it all the way back to their debut, self-titled album.

"I really enjoy playing songs from the first album," the Claim to Fame host admits. "Like songs like 'Australia.'"

"We're gonna play 'Australia' for the first time on this tour," Nick adds. 

'Australia' will also be played for the fans Down Under for the first time, along with those across the globe, as they have dates in Europe and New Zealand as well. 

"Just having the world back and running is just exciting," Joe says. "To just go to cities again and get a bunch of people together and just partying and playing a bunch of music and sing and dance."

The group has something to show their fans with the long list of songs -- and the challenge has been accepted.

"Well, I just want to show them that we can play every song on every album," Joe says. "I think that it's insane that we were able to put this together. Everything has a special moment, we made sure. Also, I think we created some really sick merch for this tour."

"It's going to be entertaining for sure," Nick adds. 

The Jonas Brothers, The Tour kicks off Aug. 12 and 13 at Yankee Stadium.