Joe Jonas on His Viral TikToks and 'Becoming a Popstar' Finale (Exclusive)

Jonas spoke to ET ahead of MTV's 'Becoming a Popstar' finale and also commented on his TikToks recreating iconic Kardashian moments.

Joe Jonas' privacy is paramount, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy connecting with his fans. ET's Denny Directo spoke with Jonas at the finale of his MTV music competition series, Becoming a Popstar, where he spoke about finding the balance between sharing fun TikToks with his wife, Sophie Turner, while protecting his growing family from the limelight.

"I think it is a nice way to connect with my audience, but also have fun and do a face filter," Jonas said about the social media platform.

Jonas and Turner's Kardashian TikToks -- which see the couple mouthing and re-enacting iconic moments from Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- have quickly gone viral. It's something Jonas said he and his wife "have fun" with.

"We do have fun with those, and I’m usually scrolling on my phone, and I do put them in my save list," Jonas, 32, shared. "I’m like one eye open scrolling through TikTok. I’m like, 'All right, I'll save this one. This is funny. This will be a good one.'"

On Becoming a Popstar, Jonas, Becky G and Sean Bankhead judge a first-of-its-kind music competition for rising TikTok stars, where fans get to decide which one becomes the next pop sensation. While the Jonas Brothers also got their start online, Jonas says TikTok allows these artists to reach even more fans, more quickly than he and his brothers were able to when they got their start.

"When we were starting out, Myspace was just kind of getting started," Jonas said of his start in the music business. "Like, 100 follows on Myspace, we were like, 'We made it, we can retire now,' and then it was obviously Facebook and YouTube and Twitter, and so, for us, we had a little bit more time to come up with concepts and visuals, and we were creative back then, but now, the content daily and the amount of people you can reach is just amazing."

While the app has allowed for the discovery of new talent and has provided celebs like Jonas with a new way to share a different side of his life with fans, he told ET that he is protective over how much he's willing to share when it comes to his family and his personal life.

"It's almost like in pandemic words, but like your bubble. You’re protecting your family, your friends and those around you," Jonas explained, adding that his philosophy on privacy is something he's shared with the Becoming a Popstar hopefuls. "It's really being decisive on what you want. You wanna be really protective over how much you wanna share in your personal life, and I feel like as artists, we get the opportunity to express our heart through our music, and so that’s where I’m personal and honest as I can be."

"I don’t really try to hide too much, but I think it's about protecting what you keep close to your heart," he added.

That's become that much more important as Jonas and Turner -- who are already parents to 1-year-old Willa -- prepare to welcome another child.

"I've sorta always been like that," Jonas maintained. "But, I feel like in the last two years, you wanna take a little more time off. I'd say I love what I do, and I’m so grateful I get to do this every day and still perform and make music for a living, so I’ll take none of that away. But if I’m able to get home sooner, then I’m always a little happier."

The season 1 finale of Becoming a Popstar airs April 21 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. Jonas talked to ET about his decision to be part of the show and why it's been so fulfilling.

"The thing with doing these kinds of shows, the challenge is your name's out there too," he noted. "You want to be representing the fan base that's watching you to go, 'OK, does he really believe in this, is he a part of something that he really sees taking off?' So, you have to be honest. You have to be as real as possible and I really love to help young artists and give them advice that I've been given or that I've learned along the way as fast as possible. It's been a speed round, four weeks of really intense hard work and we have hours' worth of time on stage with these artists every week to say, 'This is what I've learned, this is what I'm thinking, this is how you can work and get better, yeah, and good luck.'"

As for the piece of advice he wishes someone had told him, he said it was to "enjoy the ride" and pointed out the major opportunity that Becoming a Popstar gave its contestants.

"I know that sounds really cliche, but this show, when you blink it's over and some win, some don't, and it's not about losing, it's what you learned from this experience," he shared. "Even if you were cut day one, it's like, well, I had this amazing opportunity. You're also still on this TV show, think about how many people want that opportunity you're getting, promoted by TikTok, you're being blasted with Pepsi, it’s just fantastic, and so you should be grateful for what you're being able to do and see and just soak up all the energy and learn as much as possible. Just never stop learning, basically."



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