Joe Jonas Reveals the Surprising Pastime He and Wife Sophie Turner Have Argued About During Quarantine

The musician opened up to WSJ. about the fun hobby that the pair has quarreled over during lockdown.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have figured out a shared interest for passing the time during quarantine -- Lego building! Although that same passion may have led to some friction.

Jonas recently spoke with WSJ.'s "My Monday Morning" series, and opened up about how their lockdown pastime also caused a bit of tension due to Jonas' wavering attention span.

"I got very into Lego building. My wife and I probably built 10 monstrous Legos," the singer shared with the publication. "It was also quite funny, because I was super focused on helping her but then I was getting easily distracted and playing Fortnite."

"At first we argued about it, and then it was like, she loves her organization and it’s completely different from the way I would build it," he continued. "[I said], 'You do you; I’ll be here for support.'"

Jonas said he then became "moral support" for Turner as she continued to build away.

"I’ll make the cocktails for us," he explained. "We built the Batmobile; we built Harry Potter [Wizarding] World."

WSJ. magazine's "My Monday Morning" series features conversations with self-motivated professionals who reflect on how they start their day and what drives them to succeed. Jonas -- who shares a 1-year-old daughter, Willa, with Turner -- reflected on his own motivations and when he feels most creative.

"I would say usually at night," Jonas revealed. "That’s when I’m performing; that’s when I’m usually in the studio writing, recording. I’ve had a drink or two so I feel a little bit looser."

While he's now a father -- as is his brother and bandmate Kevin Jonas -- the singer says the best bit of advice he's ever gotten came courtesy of his own father.

"Our dad always tells us, 'Live like you’re at the bottom even if you’re at the top,'" Joe shared. "That helps us stay humble throughout the years."

Check out more from Jonas' conversation with WSJ. magazine here.



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