Joey Fatone Says *NSYNC Is 'Toying' With Idea of a Reunion (Exclusive)

'I say never say never.'

An *NSYNC reunion isn't out of the question!

ET caught up with Joey Fatone following his guest-judging stint on Dancing With the Stars on Monday, and the former boy band member revealed that he and the other guys -- Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick -- have thought about reuniting. The idea was first broached, Fatone said, after the boy band -- minus Timberlake -- reunited for a performance with Ariana Grande at Coachella back in April.

"I think that's when it really was kinda a lot stronger because I was with my fellas and stuff," Fatone explained of the desire to reunite following Coachella. "We were excited, but it was Ariana's show. So we were just like, 'Hey, we're coming in, having a great time.' And that's what we did. We had a blast doing it 'cause it was, like, two songs, let's have fun, no stress on us." 

Fatone went on to call the band's Coachella performance "interesting," adding that it made him "relive things in back in your head, about back in the day, when you used to tour and stuff like that."

"So, I say never say never," he said of a potential reunion, before adding that he has "no clue" if it'll ever come to fruition. 

"When we did the Coachella one, I mean, there's talks about possibly toying with the idea," Fatone shared. "But we really don't know... I'm only one [member]. There's others."

While Fatone noted that Timberlake doesn't "wanna do" a reunion, the 42-year-old singer nominated James Van Der Beek to step into Timberlake's shoes if the band ever does get back together. The endorsement came after Van Der Beek wowed during his jazz performance, which was set to the band's track, "Bye Bye Bye," on Monday night's episode.

"He can be the fifth member of *NSYNC... He has amazing hair. I wish I had that," Fatone said, before sharing that Van Der Beek wouldn't even need to audition for the job.

"He's got the part," he said. "That would be amazing. That would be cool."

As for Van Der Beek, he told ET that he's down to live the boy band life on one condition. "If I can lip sync to Justin's vocals, sure. Yeah, I'm in," he said.

Van Der Beek and his partner, Emma Slater, earned 36/40 points for their "Bye Bye Bye" dance, even scoring a 10/10 from Fatone himself.

"That was the 10 that meant the most," Van Der Beek said, before describing how he felt during his epic performance.

"That was a blast," he said. "I mean, there's certain songs that just burn the house down. In the opening chords and when you just get to dance to those in front of a crowd. It's a gift. That is a gift. So that was a blast."