John Cena Dishes on Big Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial (Exclusive)

The 'Suicide Squad' star will be making an appearance at the big game inside a very small car.

John Cena is gearing up for the big game. The larger-than-life wrestler and actor will soon be seen in Mountain Dew's upcoming commercial during Super Bowl LV, and he recently opened up to ET about the big TV spot.

As part of the commercial, Cena manages to squeeze his mountainous physique into a 1993 Geo Metro convertible, which the 6-foot-1-inch tall, 250-pound action star admitted was no easy feat.

When asked how he pulled it off, Cena quipped, "Very carefully."

"It's a little bit of breathing exercises," the actor shared, joking that producers had to "butter the doors so I can slide in."

The $5.5 million commercial is banking on Cena's celebrity and popularity, as well as a unique opportunity for viewers to win some money. Scattered around the commercial are bottles of Mountain Dew, and fans who can correctly guess (or count) how many have a chance at winning some real cash.

"The commercial is super creative," Cena shared. "To be in a Super Bowl commercial is special, but the people that do it came up with a concept that guarantees it will be talked about."

"I think it was really, really interesting and it's really forward thinking and it really is a call to be active... it's not just an ad, it's a lot of audience participation," he added. "So that's the reason you wanna participate, because not only is it a Mountain Dew advertisement... you could win $1 million."

While he's looking forward to his big spot during the Super Bowl, Cena is also getting ready for the long-awaited premiere of his upcoming comic book movie The Suicide Squad, from director James Gunn.

"The Suicide Squad is really gonna surprise a lot of people," the star shared. "I know the first movie was an enormous global release, it was well received, but it did fall under a little bit of criticism. With James Gunn at the helm, he's put together an amazing cast and he is such an epic storyteller, and I'm fortunate enough to work with him."

In the movie, Cena stars as the antihero Peacekeeper, whom he describes as "a douchey Captain America."

"I think in the divided climate of where we live now, he will be a character that everyone will have a strong opinion about," he added. "And I think that's the point. Our job is to entertain but if we can entertain and in the process we can start difficult conversations, I think that's important."

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and premieres on HBO Max on Aug. 6.

Meanwhile, fans can tune in to Super Bowl LV to see Cena's Mountain Dew spot, and potentially win that sizable grand prize.

Super Bowl LV airs live on CBS and Paramount+ on Sunday, Feb. 7. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. ET. Additionally, CBS Sports has a free live stream  to watch the Super Bowl, as well as the CBS Sports app on your mobile device. In the meantime, stay tuned right here to for more exclusive Super Bowl coverage coming your way before game day!



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