John Cena Opens Up About His Softer Side and ‘Greatest Moment of My Life’ Proposing to Nikki Bella (Exclusive)

The ‘Ferdinand’ star opened up to ET at the film’s premiere on Sunday.

There’s more to Ferdinand star John Cena than meets the eye! ET’s Deidre Behar caught up with the WWE wrestler and actor at the Los Angeles premiere of his new animated film where he opened up about his softer side.

I think over the years those misconceptions are being shattered one by one. You know, I do have a bold and sometimes stern exterior with the WWE, but moments like me proposing to Nicole in front of 75,000 fans at Wrestle Mania let's everyone know that there's times that are tough but you're never too ashamed to say you're in love,” he said of his romantic proposal to fellow professional wrestler, Nikki Bella.

Cena, 40, recently got the chance to rewatch the special moment and reflected on that, saying, “Well, it's the greatest moment of my life. It was like world colliding. WWE has been my family for the last 15 years and Nicole is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with so I was... it was the first time I had the chance to watch it back and it's the best moment of my life.”

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Sadly, Bella couldn’t join Cena for the premiere due to flight complications and the film’s star opened up about how bummed he was to have his future bride miss it.

“I hate doing these things without her, and I know she wanted to be here but we still got a great movie and I'll be thinking of her when I see it,” he explained. “We don't get too much time with each other, and it's kind of a way for us to steal a date out of our schedule so I was looking forward to seeing her. I haven't seen her in a few weeks. I've been going around the world and she's been busy as well.”

So for the holidays the pair plan to slow down and clock some quality time with one another.

“I think the gift we both long for is time with each other, so it's both of us consciously carving out a few days to just have the company of each other,” he said.

Ferdinand hits theaters Friday, Dec. 15.

For more from John Cena, watch the clip below!


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