John Krasinski Is Officially Writing a 'Quiet Place' Sequel

The actor is opening up about his 'simple' idea for the film's follow-up.

A Quiet Place 2 is on the way. 

John Krasinski has officially started writing the follow-up to his horror hit, he revealed in an interview with Deadline published on Sunday. 

"The idea for it is pretty simple. I’m writing now -- I don’t have it fleshed out -- but the thought that occurred to me, that really excited me about it, was that most sequels are about the return of a hero or a villain. You take this character that people loved once and you bring them back, and you have to create a new world around them. We have the exact opposite setup," he shared. 

"We have the world, and you can drop whoever you want into that world and everyone feels connected to it," Krasinski continued. "The reason I decided to go back, in the end, was this world is so rich, and it’s so much fun to explore. There are so many different things to see now. Everyone else in the world is experiencing this, so I’m curious to see what that looks like from another perspective."

As the actor -- who starred in, directed and co-wrote the screenplay with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck -- revealed, he "didn't want" to create a sequel. 

"It was never built to launch sequels, which we all knew, and the studio knew too. But also, I’m a realist. I know that when you have a success like this, everyone wants to make another one. I told them to go find another filmmaker and writer, and they said, 'But don’t you have an idea?' I said, 'Yeah, I have a tiny idea,' so they said, 'OK, while we’re talking to other people, keep thinking about it,'" he recalled. "They basically mind-tricked me into wanting to write it."

A Quiet Place released to massive success in April, with critics praising performances by Krasinski, his wife, Emily Blunt, and the film's standout child actors, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. Krasinski told ET in September that he was "tinkering" with a story for the follow-up to his sci-fi film. 

“I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a few months and it just started to percolate and we’re all really happy about it,” he shared. See more in the video below. 


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