John Krasinski Reveals His Daughters' Reaction to Seeing One of His Movies for the First Time

The actor also spilled on his upcoming reunion with 'The Office' co-star, Steve Carell.

John Krasinski has scored some extra cool points with his daughters. 

The 42-year-old actor revealed that until his most recent role as Superman in DC League of Super-Pets, his girls -- Hazel, 8, and Violet, 6, whom he shares with wife Emily Blunt -- hadn't seen any of his on-screen work. 

"They were like, 'Wow! You're not an accountant,'" he quipped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. 

"They loved it," he said of the film, which also features the voice talents of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Superman's dog. "They were laughing very, very hard. I think up until now they didn't believe I actually was in the business because they'd never seen anything I've done. It's like A Quiet Place? Not yet. Jack Ryan? Things like that? Nope."

DC League of Super-Pets is out July 29.

Krasinski is hard at work on numerous other projects and while he kept mum on potentially co-starring with his wife in an upcoming Fantastic Four movie, he did gush about his next writer-director endeavor, If -- short for "Imaginary Friends" -- in which he'll re-team with his The Office co-star, Steve Carell

"I should have started with, 'This is The Office reunion movie,'" he joked to rapturous applause. Krasinski will also star in the film, alongside Ryan Reynolds and The Walking Dead's Cailey Fleming, among others. 

"If is basically a movie about imaginary friends and, yes, they are these adorable fun ideas that kids have, but really they're also time capsules for all of our ambition, our dreams, our hopes when we were kids," Krasinski explained. "So the movie is about, 'What if we could tap back into that?'" 

Carell recently told ET he couldn't wait to get started on the project. 

"I’m anticipating just joy and fun. I mean, he's the best, and he's a great director," he gushed of Krasinski, adding that he's going to try to make things a little tough for his old pal.

"I’ll put him through his paces, you know? I’ll make him work for it. I might be one of those persnickety actors that doesn’t always agree, or won’t come out of my trailer," Carell quipped. "You think you hired somebody that is a friend, but you got that wrong!"

Looking back at his time on The Office, Carell admits that he still finds it "strange" but enjoyable that it's stayed as popular for as long as it has.

"It's strange but I think lovely that people are still watching it, it's finding new generations of fans, so that's very cool," he said. "When we were doing it, we never thought it would resonate that way. But we're happy that it did!"