John McCain's Widow Cindy Reflects on His Friendship With Joe Biden in Heartfelt DNC Video

Joe Biden and Cindy McCain
Andreas Gebert/picture alliance via Getty Images

Cindy McCain is reflecting on her late husband's friendship with Joe Biden. The wife of late Senator John McCain took part in a short film that aired during the second night of this year's Democratic National Convention.

The video -- titled "An Unlikely Friendship: Joe Biden and John McCain," and narrated by Octavia Spencer -- examined the origins of Biden and McCain's friendship, which began decades ago when Biden became the senator for Delaware and McCain was assigned to be his military aide on an overseas trip.

This led to a life-long camaraderie between the two men, who -- despite their differences politically -- championed bipartisanship and remained close throughout the years.

"They would just sit and joke," Cindy recalled of her husband and the former vice president during their many family dinners together. "It was like a comedy show sometimes, to watch the two of them."

Cindy also praised Biden for having a "style of legislating and leadership that you don't find much anymore."

While Cindy didn't specifically endorse Biden during the convention, she took to Instagram to share the video, and said she was "honored" to be a part of commemorating her late husband's friendship with the Democratic candidate for president.

"My husband and Vice President Biden enjoyed a 30+ year friendship dating back to before their years serving together in the Senate," she tweeted. "So I was honored to accept the invitation from the Biden campaign to participate in a video celebrating their relationship."

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