John Saxon, 'Nightmare on Elm Street' & 'Enter the Dragon' Actor, Dead at 83

John Saxon
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The prolific character actor died of pneumonia on Saturday.

John Saxon, best known for his numerous roles in Westerns and horror films, has died. The prolific actor died of pneumonia on Saturday, according to multiple reports. He was 83.

Saxon, who was born Carmine Orrico in Brooklyn, New York, had a professional career spanning 60 years and over 200 films and TV shows. 

After enjoying the spotlight as a teen idol briefly, Saxon made a name for himself as a versatile character actor in the 1960s, and often played law enforcement officials, gunslingers and hired goons in all genres.

He was also carved out a niche as a character action star, and appeared alongside Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, and in dozens of Italian-produced crime dramas, action flicks and Westerns throughout the 1970s.

His real niche became horror films, with memorable roles in Black Christmas, several installments in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, and Tenebrae, among dozens of others.

Saxon was still acting in small films and TV shows until his death. His final role, in the sci-fi thriller After the Thunderstorm, is slated for release in December 2021.

Saxon is survived by his wife, Gloria Martel, as well as his son, Antonio, and sister Dolores.